Tea Party Pastels

Hello Ladies,

I would like to begin this post on thanking many of you who gave me such a warm and loving welcome into the “fashion blogging” world. I honestly was not expecting it… come on we all know fashionistas (newbie here) can be a bit caught up in their blog game, which is totally okay! I loved all the positive comments, thoughts and boost of confidence I received from many of you amazing bloggers, thank you. I do feel a tad bit comfy now<3. So ladies, what did you think of my “first” post? I must say, it was SO overwhelming posting, photo-shooting, editing, etc. How do you ladies do it?! I am not going to sit here and act like everything was a piece of cake… it was not! It was fun, but nothing comes easy right?

So I had to share this with you all! One of my very close childhood friends is preggo and on the first go she’s having triplets and all girls! The theme of her babyshower was a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” + “Tea party”. How adorable is the setting? I loved everything!  All of us who have known her the closest decided to pitch in and get her babies customized onesies, which say “Khala’s Angels 1, 2, and 3” meaning “Aunties Angels”. Oh, and the baby bottles you see in the nursery are from me, they are also a piggy bank. Congrats once again Sammar, your “Chan Clan” baby shower was a success.

My wonderful self, has a closet full of DARK colors (mainly black, black and oh black). I really do not know what it is, but light colors look horrible on me… and I mean horrible! I have tried many times to wear different shades of light colors, it just doesn’t do me justice! And the color white… don’t even get me started.

So for this event it was a challenge to dress accordingly… I will let you ladies decide on that ❤ I know natural lighting is always the best, I just did not have time to take some photos in the sun today due to the HEAT :-/ otherwise my face would have melted off.

Hope you ladies enjoy these photos as much as I did. I’m still dreaming about all the sweets…

Outfit Details:

//Pastel Teal Blouse ( cannot remember got it so long ago) //Crinkled high-waisted palazzo pants (a shop in the U.A.E) //Flower Crown (made by me available at L’Noor) //Necklace ( Forever 21, U.A.E) //Watch- Micheal Kors// Clutch- H&M// Shoes (cannot remember) Earrings-Charlotte Russe came in a pack of three love them// Perfume- Miss Dior


IMG_0831IMG_0835IMG_0829IMG_0830IMG_0833 IMG_0834


IMG_5114 IMG_5113 IMG_5107


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