Amazing fashion finds

Hello Ladies!

Just a quick little post for today. I found such amazing deals on the purchases I made and had to share with you all! The high-slit maxi shirts, florals and the vintage look have been trending a lot lately. I added my own little touch of how I would style it. I myself like to shop “smart” its not considered “cheap”. I like to see how I spend and what I spend it on. And if its a great deal I definitely do not let it go.

What do you ladies think? I would love to hear your feed back<3

Nelo .A


Fashion Finds:

Celfie high-slit maxi shirt: I bought this from ROSS for only $9.99! Such a great deal I had to get my hands on it.

Floral tights: I have posted this in my last blog post, but just wanted to tell you ladies these were from Forever 21 original price was about $15. There was a sale, so it came down to $6 and it was a “buy one get one free” sale so I got these tights for free! Florals have been everywhere, and trending highly.

Boxed clutch: this is also purchased from Forever 21, orignal price was around $25 and it was marked down for $6!

Vintage Sunglasses: I have had these for a while, and I always get so many compliments wearing them. These are also purchased from Forever 21 (come on its a sale!) and they were marked down to $3. I couldn’t just leave them there…

Flower crown/headband: this piece is made and designed by me, if you want more details visit the “L’Noor” page for more colors and designs.

Double chained rings: I bought this ring from “I am” the chained look has been in trend for awhile now and it was on sale for $2.

Shoes: I bought these shoes while I was traveling overseas, very comfortable and I am sure you can find them here in any cultural related shopping center (might cost you a bit) If you have read the “Me, myself and fashion” page you would understand why I mix and match.

Perfume: Prada. This was actually gifted to me and its scent is so light and soft for the summer time.

Watch: MK. I waited for this look and right when it came out I purchased it right away! I believe it was around $270-$300. It might be pricy for some, but trust me if you want a long-term beautiful statement watch MK is always a great choice ❤

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