Sundaze Accessories <3

Since Sunday is the most laziest day ever (maybe very active for others) dressing up can make you feel “blah”. Oh, and lets not forget the hot weather that really makes you “blah-er”. I try to dress as lightly and most comfortable as possible when this combination occurs, because honestly I really do not have the patience for it. I’ll be all excited dressing up (which happened today) but once I head into the heat, its a BIG blow.

Anywho. I absolutely love my accessories I have on here, even though my tights are floral the remainder of my outfit is black. I added some gold accessories to “pop” the outfit out a bit. And the flats are just my fav!

So funny side story here, I went insane for the flats I am wearing here (they are from overseas). I had traveled with my family to the U.A.E. and saw many ladies wearing these gel/see-through, hand beaded, bedazzled flats. And ofcourse I had to get my hands on them because WHY not?! All I can say is that it took me almost my whole trip to find a decent pair, and in my size (my feet are like abnormal). FINALLY, I found the right pair, size and all and it was totally by mistake. I picked them up, tried them on and just held on to them because I had to ask how much it was. I didn’t notice at first, but I realied I was being “hawked” around the store by some girls.

I didn’t get at first why, then I understood because I put those shoes down to try another pair and one was about to aim for them! Haha. I guess I wasn’t the only one hunting for these styled shoes (it was so difficult to find). So heres the best part of the story, I go to ask the cashier to get the price checked and when she did her jaw literally dropped and eyes popped out. “WHAT”? I looked at her like, ummm if the shoes are damaged I had nothing to do with it! I asked her whats wrong, and she tells me “you got the last pair in our store AND they were for 250 DHs (which is about 68$) and now they are on sale for 10 DHS” ( which is about 2-3$). When she said that to me, I was like WWWWHHHHAAAATTT?!?!?! Thats music to our ears. I bought the pair, while walking out the ladies asked me if I still wanted them I just smiled and said “its ok you’ll get lucky like me too, keep trying” 😉

Hope this post gives you ladies some inspiration, especially on miraculously getting an amazing deal.

What do you ladies think? ❤

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:

//Shirt-Marshalls //Floral Tights-Forever 21 //Boxed purse-Forever 21 // Triangular mid ring- TopShop (came with 2 other ones) // Gold Chain attached ring/mid ring- (cannot remember) // Gold chunky bracelet- I am // Gold Skull headed bracelet- (cannot remember) // Watch- MK // Shoes- A mall shop in U.A.E.

IMG_5173IMG_5175 IMG_5179IMG_5187 IMG_5164IMG_5166

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