I believe many of you have realized and guessed that I am trying to become a designer, someway somehow in this big world. It’s all listed down in the “Me, Myself and Fashion” page if you have not read it yet. I just thought it would be nice to share a post regarding my designs. I will be posting bits and pieces for you all to see how I stylize my designs and what I like to design.

Sewing skills can get rough, TRUST me but all it takes is practice! While I was in school, we were taught with the “model” size which is about sizes 2-4 and maybe sometimes 6. The sizes of our mannequins were that too, so we had to work with those. Breaking out of that size has been quite a challenge for me, because once you have learned something in a specific way and worked with that for about 3/4 years it can get a little hard to step out of the box. I have messed up multiple of times working outside of that size range, from wasting fabrics, a wrong cut and even a wrong measurement! Ahhh. But, I survived.

I have done side designs, if someone needed a customized design, I would design and sew it. And that is how I was referenced to others. That is when I decided to move a bit forward. I began with accessories to enhance some more of my sewing skills and knowledge. And when I become fond of them, I launched L’NOOR. If you haven’t read the “L’Noor” page on my blog, please do so. I opened my Etsy shop back in November 2014 and launched my first accessories collection “Midnight Velvet Turbans” which are handmade velvet turbans. As the season was coming to an end, I started brainstorming some more ideas. I finally decided to launch my first Spring collection along with my Spring accessories collection.

You have to get started somewhere right? So I did. I have done customized wedding flower crowns, flower crowns, tulle maxi skirts, elegant gowns and now I have launched the “Spring Fling Drop Crotch Pants”. You can take a look at all of those at http://www.etsy.com/shop/LNoor

Here are some photos for you all, showing a new print in the drop crotch pants (silk polka-dot). If any of you are interested feel free to contact L’NOOR, ships world wide ❤

I hope you ladies enjoy this journey with me, and hopefully I accomplish my dreams inshallah (God Willing).

Again, since I have mentioned in my “Tea Party Pastels” post, light colors are horrible on me. I took the risk of wearing white for you all! What do you ladies think?

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:
// Drop Crotch Pants- L’NOOR (designed/made by me) // Blazer- H&M // Clutch- JC PENNY // Rings- (overseas) // Shoes- (cannot remember) // Scarf-Nordstrom // Necklace- TOPSHOP // You can place orders at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LNoor





IMG_5433 IMG_5431

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