Spring and Summer Bolds

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

After much positive feed back from my “Amazing Fashion Finds” post and on Instagram, as many of you have requested for me to continue doing that… your request has been granted ❤ Many of you probably have a budget to work with, or maybe some of you are students (college/university) and want to be careful on what and how you spend. I know there are so many trends lately that can be a bit expensive, but it’s ok we will find a way. Or maybe some of you just want to spend 😉 (trust me I know that feeling).

What I have decided to do is I have created a new category named “Fashion Finds Fridays” {{aka F.F.F.}} So every Friday, I will post a new fashion find with the details of where you can purchase them and how you can stylize<3  I often get asked “Oh my gosh! How did you get such an amazing deal?” and honestly it’s always by mistake. When I have no need to shop or even if I do, I just stumble upon deals that you cannot say no to…story of every girl’s life right?

Even though I am a day late (it’s ok!) for the love of you all, here is a new F.F.F.

Since Spring/Summer are here, this is a look for any sophisticated event/job/job interview/ or maybe just a day look. Bright colors have been trending very much and let’s not forget the mix and match of colors as well.

Leave your comments below on what you think of the look, and if you have any certain questions feel free to ask away.

Nelo .A.


IMG_5329 IMG_5332

Fashion Finds:

Orange Blazer: This blazer is light weight cotton material, perfect for the Spring and Summer. Charlotte Russe (Original Price $34) and it was on sale for $10. I love how it has zipper pockets, and pink rolled-up cuffs. Available in many other colors, I also have a black one and mint green.

Hot Pink high-waisted trousers: JC Penny (I honestly do not buy anything from here, this was a mistake haha). Company name is “Worthington” original price was for $40 and it was on sale for $6.99. These trousers are a mixture of spandex and cotton material, very comfortable to wear.

Black long-sleeved shirt: Ross 4.99 I personally think a lady should have many black sleeved shirts, you always need them! These are also available in many other colors as well. A mixture of cotton and a bit of knit fabric.

Retro Round Sunglasses: Forever 21. Orignal price $10.90 on sale for $1.99 (I know, I can’t believe it either) I love these sunglasses! I honestly just recently started wearing sunglasses, I was always so uncomfortable with them I felt like I was dragging so much attention to myself and I hate that! Now, I am obsessed with over-sized sunglasses. I often get called “bumble-bee” when I wear these. Sometimes you have to just go for it!

Gold Bracelet: I Am. Original price $8.99 on sale for $2.99. This accessories store is beyond amazing, very cute things that you can accessorize with anything.

Gold Ring: TopShop. Original price (above or around $20) sale price wait for it… $2! I KNOW. Its a heavy metal ring, very comfortable and… for $2?!

Spike stud earrings: Charlotte Russe. Original price (cannot remember) on sale for $1.99!

Watch: you all should know by now… MK ❤

Wallet: Michael Kors, it was actually gifted to me for my graduation by my best friend. She told me “your bags are always so precious, but your wallet is so damn ugly. So I had to get you a better one”. Yup, that’s our love. I am forever grateful, whenever I pull it out I get so many compliments (and hot pink is one of my favorite colors).

Black and Gold heels: Charlotte Russe. Original price $34 on sale for $9.99. So the thing about C.R. shoes, I have a couple of pairs and the reason is they are VERY comfortable. From heels, to flats to boots all of them are worth buying. I have noticed that when new shoes come out, after sometime they then get on sale for $9.99 and you have to be lucky to get your size. You will not regret it one bit.

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