Chic, Glamourous, & Street

Happy Friday Ladies ❤

I am so glad you ladies have appreciated last Friday’s look. This outfit can be worn for a fun night out/date night/dinner/party/ or just dressing up for fun on a Friday night! It’s very chic, glamourous, yet kind of street which I love. I placed two different earrings, so take your pick! Plus you can never go wrong with black and gold, ever. Here are this weeks Fashion Finds:

Fashion Finds:

Sequin Crop-Top: Charlotte Russe. Original price $18.99 on sale for $5. They are having a huge sale ladies, so run on over and find your fashion finds!

Knit leather high-waisted pants/tights: ROSS. Original Price $13.99 which is very reasonable. These pants look so comfortable to wear (haven’t worn them yet). Made out  of leather and knit cotton jersey fabric.

Clutch: Tory Burch. Original Price about $300. One of my all time favorite clutches, it literally goes with every outfit.

Pointed Double ring: Claire’s. So this ring was a total mistake, I walked into Claire’s by mistake because I saw something unique in the display window. While I was talking out, this ring was there and it was for $8.99 and it was on sale for $1.99. How could I have left it? I always get compliments on it. (Guilty as always…)

Thick chain bracelet: I am. Original price $20 on sale for $2.99. I fell in love right when I saw this bracelet, it kind of resembles the MK one (which is on my list).

Chained jeweled dangling earrings: I actually do not remember, sorry!

Gold swirled earrings: TopShop. Original price $18 on sale for $2.99! I know, TopShop has been giving me so many surprises lately.

Gold Belt Bracelet:  Charming Charlie. Original price $20 on sale for $4.99. If you have not been to this wonderful accessories store do so! The layout and atmosphere is all color coordinated, makes shopping more fun and easy to get the color you are looking for.

Cheetah Spike Triangle Studded heels: Charlotte Russe original price $38.99 on sale for $9.99. As I have mentioned in my last F.F.F. post, CR has amazing shoes (as you can see).

Leave your comments below on what you think of this look ❤

Nelo .A.


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