Happy Friday Fashionistas ❤

My goodness, I do not know about you but I am so glad its Friday. Obviously Friday is everyones favorite day of the week, because you just know that even if you have had a tiring week with loads of work, stress, anything! Friday is the day to relax a bit, breathe and then continue what you need to do afterwards. With that said, lets jump into this weeks F.F.F!

This look is very street style, but with a hint of culture with it to pop the whole look out and keep a balance. I always love mixing different cultures into fashion, that’s what makes it a style. This fashion find is definitely a “FRI.YAY” look. Basically meaning (in my world) to be care-free, relaxed, breathing, and enjoying the day or night until we get busy again.

Fashion Finds: 

High-low black and white crop top: Forever 21. Original price $19.80. I love how they chose black and white in one look, you can mix and match about anything with this top!

Black Tights: Forever 21. Original price $3.80. If you have not purchased a pair of tights/leggings from Forever 21, I highly suggest you do so. 1) they are for $3.80, 2) they have many colors, 3) very comfortable to wear and 4) Did I mention they are $3.80?

Royal Blue chained purse: PAYLESS. Original $24.99 on sale for $5.99. So this purchase was a total mistake (said no girl ever). I actually had just walked in to see some comfortable pair of flip flops (which I later found else where) and while walking out I saw this! I love the fabric, its a soft, light weight velvet fabric. The chain is very heavy, and barely looks like a PAYLESS item. Never knew they had things like this… There was also a black one same price 😉 (hint hint)

Sunglasses: Forever 21. Original price $9.80 on sale for $1.99! The prices speak for themselves…

Silver Black Pendant Ring: This was purchased from a street market in Saudi Arabia, the cute old man had many designs, but this caught my eye. He was selling it for 4 Riyals ($1.07). Its a very heavy metal, nicely cut and structured. Keynote here, this man was making his income off of these small items, priced very, very low. I bought many more items as well, and also to help him out because he deserved it. Always be thankful<3

Earrings: Forever 21. Orignal price $3.80. Very light weight and very comfortable to wear.

Heavy Metal Hand cuffs: These are actual antique pieces gifted to me. Authentic designs  all the way from Afghanistan. Today you can find similar ones (not real though) in Forever 21, CR, TOPSHOP, and Urban Outfitters.

Royal Blue Velveteen Shoes: Charlotte Russe. Orignal price $34.99, on sale for $9.99. As you all already know, I literally have many pairs of shoes from CR because they are worth the purchase.

What do you ladies think of this Friday’s finds? Leave your comments below! If you ladies need any styling tips for specific events feel free to ask, that’s why I’m here ❤

Enjoy your weekend ❤

Nelo .A.




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