Top 6 Favorite Lip Colors <3

Hello Gems ❤ 

After much messages/DM’s/emails and even asking me in person from many of you about the lip colors I wear & where I purchase them from, this post will be explaining all of that jazz ❤ We all know how complicated it can get to find the “right” shade of lip color and from which brand to purchase them from. I will be revealing my secret 😉

I honestly was never picky in where I would purchase my lip colors, as long as I got the right shade I was good. But after going through some experiences with high and low brands I have narrowed it down to these TOP TWO cosmetic companies when it comes to lipsticks. I will also narrow it down to my TOP 6 ALL TIME FAVORITES from both companies which can be substituted for either brand.

M.A.C and NYX. Below is a short description of each:

NYX MATTE LIPSTICKS: “NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put with a non-drying matte finish.”  Each lipstick is $5.99

It has been about a year now, that I use NYX Matte lipsticks, because they are honestly PERFECT. They last very long, no matter what you eat or even have a habit of biting your lip that lip color will REMAIN. There are different shades in the NYX Matte lip color palette, and which are very very similar to M.A.C Matte lipstick colors.

So if you are not a MAC fan, or just don’t want to spend about 16$ on a lip color then I suggest you aim for NYX. The Matte lipsticks are only for 5.99 AND I suggest you buy them from ULTA or CVS because they offer coupons! ULTA coupons can go from taking $3.50 off or even a 20% off coupon, how amazing is that?! Sometimes, ULTA has sales (Buy one get one for 50% off) on NYX cosmetics which you do not want to miss.

CVS you can either check online, or walk into the store and see if they are on sale or not ❤ Oh, and just be prepared to ALWAYS find them “out of stock” because ladies they are getting eaten! What I do, is I buy 2 of each and just keep them. I believe I have all the colors…yeah thats a problem…

M.A.C : “For those who prefer timeless glamour rather than all-out flash, the sophisticated allure of matte reigns supreme. Now, M∙A∙C expands its offering of this classic suede-like finish with 12 new shades of Matte and Retro Matte Lipstick. These lipsticks promise a pop of colour that will linger on your lips with impressive staying power”. Each lipstick is about $16.

Want to know something? I never bought M.A.C lipsticks, because I told myself that it was too expensive. But, I fell in the trap. My very first lipstick, and in which I still purchase until this day is Girl About Town. I believe the description above, literally explains it ALL. M.A.C Matte lipsticks are AH-MAZING! They last FOREVER, look wonderful on any skin tones, basically every color is just to die for. One reason I really get attracted to is how they choose the names of the lip colors, makes you want to eat them (yeah I sound crazy). I really cannot say more than that because, just purchase one and you will know what I am talking about.

TOP 6 FAVORITES: As mentioned above these two cosmetic companies have very similar colors, either you pay more for a higher brand, or you payless for a lower up-rising brand. Honestly, the choice is yours because like I said you need to purchase them to see the resemblance. Or what you can do is, buy one lipstick from NYX and another one from M.A.C and see for yourself! It was very hard to narrow it down to “6” but, it is out of love for you all. Here are my TOP 6 Favorites, which you all have been waiting for ❤

MAC: Pink Plaid, Herione, Im-Passioned, Girl About Town, So Chaud, Russian Red

NYX: Couture, Aria, Street Creed, Shocking Pink, Indie Flick, Alabama.

 // Pink Plaid = Audrey // Heroine = Aria // Im-Passioned = Street Creed // Girl About Town = Shocking Pink // So Chaud = Indie Flick // Russian Red = Alabama//

I LOVE all of these colors! They go perfectly with any season literally, and most importantly with any skin tone. I did not have similar NYX Matte lipsticks to show you all with three other M.A.C lipsticks that I adore and they are Ruby Woo, All Fired up, Candy Yum Yum and Rentlessly Red. How beautiful are those names? So basically I have more than 6… BUT those are the ones I always wear to events and on my posts ❤

Now, an alternative cosmetic company which is way less than M.A.C and NYX is Wet N Wild. They have recently released Matte lip colors, that again may/can resemble NYX and M.A.C lipsticks. I actually have bought a couple, and they are worth buying. Very soft, smooth and long lasting. They do not smear, and best part of it all is they are for $1.99-$2.99! Yeah, I didnt believe it either! You can purchase them from any drug store. Below is a more detailed description:

WET N WILD: “Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips”.

Well this was a fun post! I usually take pictures with natural light, but for the exact color I had to use flash to show you all the resemblance. Please do share, if you have made any purchases from the above, and I would love to know your comments on the resemblances or anything about the brands.

I hope this post answered your questions (I am sure it did), for more details you can also visit the websites. Also, before I end this I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you supporting and showing me so much love from around the world through messages, emails,  comments, any sort of feedback just makes my day. I hope you all continue this journey with me and keep spreading the love ❤

Nelo .A. ❤





Pink Plaid = Audrey

Pink Plaid = Audrey

ImPassioned=Street Creed

ImPassioned=Street Creed

Heroine = Aria

Heroine = Aria

So Chaud=Indie Flick

So Chaud=Indie Flick



GirlAboutTown=Shocking Pink

GirlAboutTown=Shocking Pink

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