Fancy Pants


Let’s get right into this week’s F.F.F. You have seen this white blazer in a post of mine before (again, I never wear white) but when something is decent, cute, from your favorite store AND on sale we ALL are guilty of buying it regardless!

So this look basically speaks for itself, doesn’t? It makes you want to jump into those “fancy pants” and show ’em off! I love putting these looks together because, most of these looks can be worn both ways, either during a day time brunch, lunch, dinner or even a night time party.

You can also remove the blazer because of the high-low top and work it, or just keep it on. Choice is yours 😉

Fashion Finds:

White Sequin Bow Blazer: H&M. Original price 34.95, on sale for $15. Okay, I really fell for the bow, I mean come on?! Isn’t it adorable?! Besides that I do not wear white, the reason I like this blazer is because it’s a VERY light weight cotton perfect for the summer. I usually remove shoulder pads, but these are very light and it doesn’t give you “man” shoulders so that’s a plus!

Silver Sequin Fitted High-waisted Trousers: H&M. Original Price $39.95, on sale for…$10! I KNOW RIGHT?! I have this crazy obsession with sequins! I find them so elegant, modern, and just fun to wear. These pants are SO comfortable, lined with knit fabric so the sequins do not poke the life out of you (hate it when that happens with some clothing). H&M is my ALL time favorite store, I believe its about time that it should be yours too haha…no really. I just hope they come out with gold ones…ahhhh!

High-Low Black Shirt: TJ MAXX. Original price $6.99. I made the hugest mistake of not buying a extra one, and the other colors were military green and royal blue ;-(. One of the most comfortable shirts I own.

White Heels: Nine West. Original Price 34.99. Even thought I do not wear white clothing, I like white shoes. And honestly, this is the only pair I own! They are very comfortable to walk in, trust me I’m the type who takes off her shoes in the middle of the walkway and will walk barefoot! But it hasn’t happened with these heels.

Black Earrings: Forever 21. Original $6.99, on sale for $3.99. The earrings came with 2 other pairs, so the price was perfect.

Gold/Silver Buckle Bracelet: Charming Charlie. Original price $15, on sale for $10. This bracelet is so elegant, and sparkles so delicately. They have other combinations as well.

Mid Rings: TopShop. Original price $15, on sale for…*drum roll please* $2!!! I KNOW! I KNOW! I cannot say more than that.

Louis Vuitton Wallet: It was actually gifted to me. I thought since this look had alot going on, I figured a small wallet like so would balance it all together.

That concludes this weeks Fashion Finds! What do you ladies think? I always love hearing feedbacks, and I am so happy this is of help to you all! So comment away!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay tuned I will be sharing a different post soon from an event I will be attending this weekend.

Much Love ❤

Nelo .A.



 IMG_5267  IMG_5260

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