Summer Time Wedding

It’s the end of the weekend, and I hope everyone had an amazing one because I sure did. As mentioned in my last post, I was going to share a very special event.

Weddings are such an emotional event for everyone, but in the Pakistani culture it is above and beyond. The wedding ceremony consists of 3-4 main events. Before the actual wedding date, literally a month before is when the wedding festivities begin. There are many preparations, from decor to dance practices to just having fun with loved ones the list can go on and on.

These moments are cherished very much, especially for the bride. With all of that prep, and a life time of loved ones being around you makes it so difficult for the bride to leave her home. She is getting ready for a whole new chapter in her life. In a Pakistani household, you are raised as one. For a girl, you are raised as a daughter, a friend, a role model, a mother, a sister who will eventually leave her family one day. And when you do, you take all of those acts of kindness and respect into the other family, as a honor of how you were raised. In the Pakistani culture, it is not just the couple becoming as one, it is 2 families becoming as one. As I am typing this post, I am getting emotional as well haha.

Besides from all the emotions, colors colors colors! The Pakistani culture, no matter where in the world you live culture is culture. And that is what makes the wedding so beautiful. From all the bold and bright colors, to the stage decor, centerpieces, stunning and elegant designed outfits. It balances everything into one. Let’s not forget the bride, she becomes a live doll. This is not even ALL of the information about Pakistani weddings, I am just trying to keep it short and sweet otherwise this will be a very long post.

Every culture has its own beautiful traditions, I personally find tradition the roots of keeping culture alive when it comes to special events. Now when we have 2 different cultures combining, thats even MORE beautiful.

That is what happened last night, there was the American culture and Pakistani culture combining into one. How beautiful? One of my really good friends got married last night ❤ and I wish nothing but happiness for the couple always. Here are some photos that I wanted to share with you all to get a better understanding, and just enjoy them!

My outfit is designed by me, I am wearing a Silk hand beaded/threaded sequin Sari. Now the Sari, comes from the Indian culture, I have always loved Sari’s for as long as I can remember. Designing and aiming for a sequined Sari was a challenge, but hey thats fashion 😉 I accessorized it with my Tory Burch clutch, Nine West silk black and gold heels, MK watch, Katmaala (a very old traditional Pakistani necklace), rings and gold bangles. Lip color is Ruby Woo by MAC.

Stay blessed ladies.

Nelo .A.







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