Ramadan Cook Book-Recipe #1

Ramadan Cook Book { Recipe #1 }

I hope everyone’s “First” fast went amazing! To those who are new, during Ramadan every year I post 30 days of foods that I cook for Iftar (breaking the fast) on my Instagram account (@fashion.with.nelo).

After MUCH demand for the last 2 years, this year instead of posting what I cook I am going to share with you all how I cook it. Yayyy! I know, finally right?! I will be sharing my home recipes with you all so you can have a taste of it as well ❤ Much love and thanks to my mother who taught me well, and I just picked up from there!

I always get questions on how I cooked what, and here you are! I will post 2 times a week for my “Ramadan Cook Book”. I will be sharing special Ramadan cultural dishes. If there are ANY special requests do let me know, and I will gladly teach you.

One of the complicated (not really) things is, during Ramadan you don’t eat (duh). So when it comes to preparing Iftar (breaking the fast) not knowing the taste of your food can get a little tricky. The secret to that is… PUT A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY SALT. You can always add more later, after you have broken your fast. In all of my cooking I use Olive Oil. With that said… here is the first recipe!

Pirakee (pi-ra-kee)

In prep for Iftar: Make sure you begin early! If you are new to cooking, have a helping hand.

-Egg Roll Skin (rectangular)
-1 to 2 batches of Cilantro
-Jalapeno (or any green chili of your choice)
– Green Spring Onions
-Fresh Garlic (as many as you like) 5-6 max.
-Turmeric Powder
-Red Chili Powder
-Black Pepper
-Olive Oil
-Bowl of Water

Cooking Instructions:
-Chop Cabbage, Cilantro, Jalapeno, and Spring Onions.
-Mash Garlic
-Place all into mixing bowl.
-Add all spices ( it all depends on how spicy/mild you want it)
– Mix
-Heat Olive Oil (VERY LITTLE) in another pan, on low heat.
-Add all into the heated pan, cook for ONLY 10 mins.
-Stir occasionally.
-After cooked, place filling and let it cool.

-Once cooled, prepare the egg roll skin.
-Lay egg roll skin in place, only get a spoon and a half and spread the filling leaving the corners empty.
-Once spread, take index finger dip into the water and go around the egg skin (all 4 corners). Remember NOT too soggy.
-Then fold into either a hotdog or triangular shape (pay close attention to the photos on the layout of the filling for each shape).
-Press well, not too hard or else the filling will come out.
-Repeat steps, until it is completed.

-In another flat pan, heat Olive Oil.
-Once heated, place 2 at a time and cook until golden brown.
– Ready to be served!

Note: You can also serve with a side of yogurt.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this recipe! Do comment below and do share on how it turned out, I would love to know!

Much Love,

Nelo .A.






7 thoughts on “Ramadan Cook Book-Recipe #1

  1. Very detailed and easy to follow directions! MashaAllah! Thank you, I will definitely try this! Also I would loveeee it if you can post a recipe for qabuli rice (with the raisens and carrots) 😊😙🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate the love! Yes Inshallah I will try and do that as well, a bit heavy for an Iftar but you never know 😉 so glad you like it!


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