Ramadan Mubarak!


Our awaited guest is finally here! I would like to begin this post by wishing all of my Muslim and Non-Muslim followers a very blessed Ramadan. May God accept all of your fasts, prayers and every act of worship during this month. And may He grant ease to those in any difficulty Inshallah (God Willing) Ameen. In this post I will be explaining the purpose and importance of the month of Ramadan, and why Muslims wait anxiously for it all year.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar, the scholars with high education in the religion observe the moon and declare when it is time to fast. Ramadan is not only to avoid eating, drinking, and other needs during the day-time hours. During this month, Muslims all around the world prepare themselves as one to purify their souls, grow closer to God, get rid of any bad habits, extra time in worship, to make peace with one another, give charity, feed the hungry, control thoughts, and most importantly to ask forgiveness from their Lord. These habits, then remain with us to remind ourselves what we really need to do in this World. That is the beauty of Ramadan.

The arabic word of “fasting” which is “sawm” means to “refrain”. It’s a whole new transformation to oneself. To be careful in what you say, hear, do, see, and touch. You must be very cautious of your acts, otherwise your fast will be broken. The fast is done from Sunrise to Sunset, which is from the Morning prayer until the Evening prayer for the entire month. One cannot eat nor drink, yes “not even water”.

Around the world, it is different timings but here in the USA its about 17-18 hrs of fasting. The fast is continued all year round, so right now the fast is during the Summer, which is going backwards towards the winter/fall and repeats itself. That way the fast is experienced through all the seasons. Best thing about fasting in the Winter, is the fast breaks around 4-5pm! Whereas right now, the fast breaks around 8:30-8:40pm. See the difference?

The Holy Quran, is recited fully in all of the Masjids known as the “Tarawih Prayer” a special prayer which is only done during Ramadan. The Quran was completed during this month, and the Masjids complete it as well in the 30 days given. The Quran is recited daily in the prayers, and finish whenever. But during this month, it is a blessing to be done and for it to be accepted as an act of worship.

Now as for the “Iftar” (Breaking the fast), is a whole feast. Mothers, daughters, wives, fathers, basically anyone prepare food for their loved ones to break their fast all together. Some have a variety of meals, whereas some have a decent portion. Whatever it may be, always be thankful. We break our fasts with “dates” it is not a must but its preferred. There are so many varieties of dates, I will post a link below.

Muslims find it a blessing to make it to this month with health and happiness, because it is such an amazing feeling of spirituality, love, worship, and feelings that you really cannot put into words. After this month is completed, we are rewarded with the holiday Eid-Ul-Fitr, which will be a different post ❤

I always get so overwhelmed as Ramadan approaches, and always brainstorm for new decorating ideas. This year I did something a little more different, and calming.

Here are the DIY details:

Ombre Mason Jar,Chalk-Board, Pin-Cushion Frame, Mini yellow Doilies, Plastic Electric Puff Balls, Ouud (arab perfume), Tasbeeh (praying beads), Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle, Black and Gold Lamp and Black and Gold Arabian Thermos.

Dates link: http://tomoori.com/index.php/en/

I would love to know where are you from and how long are your fasting hours? I pray we all see the next Ramadan as well Inshallah (God Willing).


Nelo .A.





IMG_5683                     IMG_5730


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