Ramadan Cook Book- Recipe #2

Ramadan Cook Book { Recipe #2 }

Before I begin this post, I just want to say THANK YOU to all the love and support from family, friends and amazing bloggers. You have given me so much love and positivity that I am glad I have started this. I am also so happy all of you are finding the Cook Book so helpful. Thank you. For those who have messaged me for “special” requests, I got you 😉

Ahhh! I do not know about you all, but is this Ramadan going by WAY too fast? I mean, it always does but this year its just flying by. It’s already the 5th fast! And soon it’ll be a week… ;-( I always get so emotional. I hope everyone’s Ramadan around the world is going good Inshallah (God Willing).

Ramadan is such a blessing that some foods are just meant to be made during this month! I find that so beautiful. As many of you have asked, besides all the “fat food” that is prepared and served during Ramadan, which is so unhealthy (trust me I already have heart burns) we still try to keep it healthy at the same time. But then again, cravings occur… With that said, here’s another simple, yet healthy recipe for your Iftar, which many of you love that I make ❤

Fruit Chaat (ch-aa-t)
(Fruit Salad…yummy yummy)

NOTE: You can add as much fruit/salt/seasoning as you like it all depends on your taste.

-2 Bananas
-2 Kiwis
-Handful or more strawberries
-Handful or more blueberries
-Green/Purple grapes
-Baby Guavas
– Guava Juice (Any type of fruit juice is great! I prefer Orange Juice, but I used Guava this time)
-Pomegranate (not in the photos but you may add)
-Melon (which I added later)
-Chaat Masala (available in any Desi/Asian Super market) This is more of a combination of spices, so it adds the perfect taste to the fruit salad (why it’s called Fruit “Chaat”).
-Again you may add ANY fruit ❤


-Peel: Kiwi, Apple, Bannana
-Chop all fruits EXCEPT blueberries and grapes.
-Grapes slice into 2 pieces.
-Add all into bowl.
-Add in Chaat Masala (I say about 2 spoons is good, again choice is yours)
-Salt is your choice to add or not
-1/3 cup of Juice.
-Ready to be served!

This is also great for a “after Tarawih Prayer” snack before Suhoor (the early breakfast before the Sunrise). A very light-weight snack, that you wish you had made extra.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, I would love to hear feed back! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page @fashion.with.nelo and hashtag RamadanCookBookWithNelo ❤ ❤ ❤

Much Love,

Nelo .A.


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