Summer Kimono-2

As promised in my last post, here is another Summer Kimono Fashion Find for you ladies ❤

Fashion Finds:

Summer Kimono: H&M. Original Price $34.95 on sale for $15.00. This is a very bright color for the summer, which I love. I barely wear bright colors, so forced myself to purchase this and get over it! There are also many other bright colors in this Kimono.

Pastel Pink Skinny Jeans: Forever 21. Original price $19.80. As mentioned in one of my previous F.F.F Forever 21 skinny jeans are VERY comfortable, so if you have not purchased a pair please do so.

Silver Studded Flats: Forever 21. Original Price $34.80 on sale for $8.99. These flats are one of my favorite color combinations, you can wear these flats with almost any outfit.

I also added a black undershirt, you can add any color if you want even a printed shirt would look really nice.

❤ ❤ ❤

Nelo .A.



Summer Kimono-1

I’m back!!! Ahhhh, where to begin?

First off, I apologize for the very late blog posts, I fell very sick for a good few days. Second, THANK YOU to all of you who have emailed me/messaged me asking how I have been, etc. Thank God I am way better, and your emails gave me lots of smiles ❤

I will be posting TWO Kimono (F.F.F.) Looks just for you all!

Without wasting anymore time, lets get into this weeks Fashion Finds!

Fashion Finds:

 Floral Print Kimono: Burlington. Sale: $4.99. Kimonos are a style that NEVER go out of fashion. Whether its for the Summer or Winter, they always give a great look.

Boyfriend Jeans: Ross. Original Price $11.99. Since “Boyfriend” jeans are trending very much this year, I decided to get a pair and see what the hype is all about. It took me forever, honestly to find the “right” pair. I pick comfort over anything, and these were perfect.

Turquoise Hand-Beaded Necklace: This was gifted to me from Pakistan. I just accessorized it with this look.

Light-Gold-Shoes: Wet Seal. Original Price $28.80, on sale for $6.99! So, growing up for some odd reason “sneakers” have always looked hideous on me. Always. These are probably my OWNLY pair of sneaker related footwear, and I do not regret it one bit. Beyond comfortable.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this look, and of course you can match any undershirt.

Much Love to you ALL

Nelo .A.



EID-Al-Fitr Looks

EID-Al-Fitr Looks

This is just a quick post on my looks I did for this EID. I always design my outfits for EID or any special occasion, but this year I got a bit sick so I could not make one. I wish I could show you more of my cultural outfits, but I was not wearing my Hijab (scarf) I had made my hair and all. Hope you ladies enjoy these looks, do let me know which one is your favorite!

Outfit Details:

{EID DAY 1, 2, & 3}

 // Silk-double-sided Kimono- H&M // Wide-legged pants- H&M // Heena- left hand by me, right hand by a dear friend // Mid-Rings- Charlotte Russe // Heels- Charlotte Russe // Purse- YSL // Gold Anklets- gift from my mother // Necklace- Forever 21 UAE // Watch- MK // Cultural Outfit- Pakistan // Cultural Shoes- Pakistan // Lipstick- NYX Matte Lipstick Maison // Scarf- Nordstrom Rack //

IMG_6258IMG_6291      IMG_6276





I purposely waited for a couple of days to make this post, because I know everyone was so busy the last few days of Ramadan and preparing for Eid. This post will be explaining what EID is, and how Muslims prepare so…


I pray, that God has accepted all of our fasts and acts of worship in the month of Ramadan and we live to see the next Inshallah (God Willing). As mentioned in the “Ramadan Mubarak” post, I had explained a tiny bit of EID but saved it mainly for this.

EID-Al-Fitr, known as the “Feast of Breaking the Fast” is a religious holiday us Muslims celebrate across the Globe, which marks the end of Ramadan. This celebration lasts for three days, with the first day consisting of a specific prayer. There are 2-units (Rakats) offered in all of the Masjids (Mosques) around the Globe. With that prayer concluded, we then offer greetings to our loved ones saying “EID MUBARAK” aka “Happy EID”. We also offer charity, and more additional prayers.

In the Pakistani Culture, the night before EID they celebrate “Chaand Raat” (night of the moon sighting). It is a huge gathering of families and friends at a local hall or home welcoming EID by mainly women applying Heena designs, buying bangles even last minute EID shopping. For me, if there are no heena on my hands… it’s not EID. This year, the moon sighting was literally sited as one around the globe by Islamic authorities. Whereas, in a few countries it was not sited. EID was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which was perfect because it was the weekend so EVERYONE enjoyed.

In most house holds homemade cookies, sweets, cakes, anything you can think of is made before EID. Many families have huge EID dinners, or brunches for family and friends. Others also celebrate marriages, or an engagement on this special day. Let’s not forget EID outfits, ahhhh they can be such a hassle to prepare for but thats the fun about it. Men and women, children all dress up so adorably on this day, which I am sure many of you have seen through social media. Speaking of social media, who else was SO happy about the #Mecca_Live and #Eid_Live SnapChat?!

In my family, I love preparing for anything. For EID, I make sure its EID. I go all out with lights outside of the house to the inside of the house. I put up candles, garlands, flowers, you name it! My family is basically spoiled by me, (haha) so its always left to me to do the decor. My mother usually prepares the sweets, but this year I decided to do it as well (red velvet cupcakes, blueberry muffins and rice crispy treats).

We prepare a table of dry fruits, cookies, candies, for our guests who will arrive. I forgot to mention, EID day is not an invitation to ones house its literally house hopping all day long OR one does invite. So we expect unexpected guests which is the excitement of it.

Normally, the first day of EID is being busy with prayers and then we all gather at our uncles place (because he is the oldest). So there is a huge feast there and then the next day is at our home. As mentioned above, its an open house friends and family come over and it feels amazing. The third day is my cousins home. It does feel weird when Ramadan ends, because you eat so early and then fast all day. And then you go from that to, having feasts or tea time during the day and sometimes I would still think I am fasting and if I took a sip of water I would panic and say “Oh my God! My fast!” haha. I am sure many of you can relate.

I really hope, everyone had an amazing EID. Everyday is a blessing, do not take it for granted. Keep living, be happy and smile. Every EID is special, but this EID was just precious. From Ramadan until EID many of us have some personal things, but at the end ALWAYS count your blessings.

How was your EID? What did you do? I would really like to know, since many of you are International readers, please comment and share your tradition with me.

Much Love,

Nelo .A.



IMG_3117 IMG_3121

FullSizeRender-5 IMG_3161

EID Look #3

EID Al-Fitr 2015 LOOK #3:

Happy Monday Ladies ❤

I am sure we all are busy with Ramadan coming to an end. The last 10 days can get very overwhelming, at least for me 1) sadness of Ramadan ending 2) pushing extra effort the last few days into worship and 3) Eid outfit hunting.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know to say I am or am not feeling Eid this year it’s maybe because of Ramadan going way, way too fast. It scared me. I pray we all live to see the next Inshallah (God Willing).

I appreciate all of the love from everyone with being happy with these Eid inspirations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Here is EID Look #3.

This look is a more elegant look and two of my favorite colors black and gold ( more like a soft tan/nude gold). The silk high-wasited maxi full circle skirt is designed by me. By now, you all should know I LOVE high waisted bottoms. If you would like to see this skirt on the L’Noor Etsy Shop with other colors feel free to email me (

The top is a light-weight georgette fabric Kimono, with hand-beading of mixed colors (silver, gold black). I always like holding clutches, but for this look I had a hanging-purse with a cute little tassel! Shoes I wore simple black pumps. As for accessories, I kept it simple with 2 rings and my MK watch. Lip color is “Street Creed” by NYX Cosmetics, a very “popping” bright pink color.

Nelo .A.


IMG_6184 IMG_6170IMG_6178



Hello ❤

Sorry Ladies! I am 2 days late on the Fashion Finds post, as Ramadan is coming to an end (sigh) the schedule has been building up. So this is a more relaxed, comfortable, and fun “night out” or “day out” with your girls look. Not too much and not too less! And if you love cheetah print… then rawr!

Fashion Finds ❤ ❤ ❤

Jersey Cheetah MK Top: Marshalls. Original price (around 70$ or more cannot remember), sale price $20.99! One of my first MK shirts and its very comfortable.

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21. Original Price $7.80. These jeans use to be for $10.80 and just dropped down! I have a couple of Skinny Jeans, but honestly the most comfortable ones I own are all from F21. If you have not purchased a pair… go now!

MK Watch: My all time favorite watch, as ALL of you already know.

2-Tone Twisted Bracelet: Fornash. Original price $24.00. I really don’t know why I bought this…maybe because I just didn’t have anything like it (sigh).

Earrings: Forever 21. Original Price $6.80. So a pair of earrings were missing, and they gave it for me for $3.80 (set of 4 earrings, 1 was missing).

Sunglasses: Forever 21. I have posted these before, aka my “Bumble Bee” sunglasses. And they were on sale for $1.99

Gold Chained Clutch: Forever 21. Original Price $24.80 on sale for $6.99. Amazing right? I know! It looks like a small clutch but its actually very spacious.

Shoes: Wet Seal. Original Price $30, on sale for… $6.99. These shoes are SO comfortable, and I LOVED the price so I had to…

Hope you ladies enjoyed this relaxed look! Stay tuned for next weeks F.F.F!
Much Love,
Nelo .A.


Ramadan Cook Book- Recipe #7

Ramadan Cook Book { Recipe # 7 }

This recipe is going to basically have the same steps as Recipe # 1! The only difference is I have added… Pumpkin! As mentioned in Recipe # 1, there are many ways to cook this. How to fill these photos are listed in Recipe #1 as well. Many of you loved this recipe, so heres another way to cook it!

Pirakee (pir-a-kee)

In prep for Iftar: Make sure you begin early! If you are new to cooking, have a helping hand.

-Egg Roll Skin (rectangular)
-1 to 2 batches of Cilantro
-Jalapeno (or any green chili of your choice)
– Green Spring Onions
-Fresh Garlic (as many as you like) 5-6 max.
-Black Pepper
-Olive Oil
-Bowl of Water

-Chop Pumpkin, Cilantro, Jalapeno, and Spring Onions.
-Mash Garlic
-Place all into mixing bowl.
-Add all spices ( it all depends on how spicy/mild you want it)
– Mix
-Heat Olive Oil (VERY LITTLE) in another pan, on low heat.
-Add all into the heated pan, cook for ONLY 10 mins.
-Stir occasionally.
-After cooked, place filling and let it cool.

-Once cooled, prepare the egg roll skin.
-Lay egg roll skin in place, only get a spoon and a half and spread the filling leaving the corners empty.
-Once spread, take index finger dip into the water and go around the egg skin (all 4 corners). Remember NOT too soggy.
-Then fold into either a hotdog or triangular shape.
-Press well, not too hard or else the filling will come out.
-Repeat steps, until it is completed.

-In another flat pan, heat Olive Oil.
-Once heated, place 2 at a time and cook until golden brown.

-Ready to be served!

These photos are a bit larger because I took them with my IPhone, not my camera! Remember to follow me on Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo) and hashtag RamadanCookBookWithNelo.

❤ Nelo .A.


Ramadan Cook Book- Recipe #6

Ramadan Cook Book { Recipe # 6 }

Since my last posts have been more of Ramadan Iftar appetizers, this post is going to be a Ramadan Meal! A lot of families have 2 rounds when it comes to breaking the fast, 1) Appetizers and 2) Full course meal. I give you props, how can you do that?! My family on the other hand, if we make a meal there are no appetizers and if there are any they are very light like a salad or soup. Let’s get cooking shall we? Im already getting hungry…

Chicken Quesadillas


-Chicken Breast (this depends on your family, I used 3 chicken breast pieces)
-1 Green bell pepper
-Half of a onion or full your choice
-Cooking spray
-Olive Oil
-Tortilla bread
-Shredded mexican cheese
-Sour Cream


-Chop chicken breast in long strips, not too thick and then cut those in half (in photo)
– Peel garlic, ginger and onions.
-Mince garlic and ginger VERY well with a grater.
– Slice onions and green peppers
-Add all into a mixing bowl EXCEPT onions and bell peppers. Add salt, pepper, and 1-2 spoons of olive oil.
-Mix well, set aside for 20 mins.
– Use a grill, heat it up spray some cooking spray on it.
-Start placing chicken strips and cook until golden brown (I like it a bit crispy)
-In a pan, heat it up. Add in bell peppers, onions, salt, pepper and cooking spray.
-Cook half way, not full. Set aside.
– Once everything is cooked, you are ready to eat!

What I do is, my family some like everything in the quesadillas and some like it plain with just cheese. So I heat up the tortillas, and place everything in small bowls and we all just make our own! A good meal for Iftar not too heavy and not too light.

If you have another way of making Quesadillas please share!

Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page @fashion.with.nelo and hashtag RamadanCookBookWithNelo ❤


EID Look #2

EID Al-Fitr 2015 LOOK #2:

Hello my pretties!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! I sure did…for the first time in my life I missed the Fire Works this year…I know! Ramadan schedule has got me very busy, not complaining one bit though ❤ Let’s get right into business shall we?

Here is EID LOOK #2! Again, these are all very light weight fabrics. My hijab is a georgette fabric, I have plenty of colors and love them all! You can never go wrong with lace, can you? Especially when its a maxi cardigan..nope you just cant. I believe even the most simplest outfit can become so chic when anything with lace is added to it.

Lastly, my pants are designed by moi! Yes, yes thank you very much ❤ I LOVE to mix and match, always been my signature look (main reason of designing). I have a couple of other colors as well! Which you ladies will be seeing soon. And to combine the whole look together, I paired up black and gold accessories!

Hope you ladies enjoyed this look! I am overwhelmed with the comments and love from my first Eid Look! Thank you so much! Remember to leave some love ❤

Nelo .A.

Lace Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Pants: Designed by me
Lipstick: MAC- All Fired Up
Clutch: TJ MAXX
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: TopShop
Bangles: Overseas.





Happy Birthday America! 

I am so proud and happy to be part of this amazing country! The opportunities we have from education to any sort of freedom, I am ever so grateful. I have travelled around the world, but there is NO place like HOME. Proud Muslim-American ❤

With that said, I hope all of you enjoyed your delicious BBQs and cookouts! Yes, for us fasting many of us still carried the tradition of cookouts (not eating until the sunset but inhaling the goodness!)  and going to see the fireworks. It is going to be so interesting to tell the next generation, how we “fasted during the 4th of July” makes me laugh.

I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never! Here is this weeks Fashion Finds!

Fashion Finds:

Maxi Small White-Spotted Dress: H&M. Original price $17.95 on sale for $4.95. I have bought this in a plain black color as well.

Bright Pink Crop Top: H&M. Original Price $9.95 on sale for $2.99. I have bought this in a plain black color as well. Wish they had more colors! They probably will…

White Gold Edged Flip-Flops: Charlotte Russe. Orignal Price $12.95 on sale for $5. It was a buy one get one for $2 (happy hour) so I also bought a nude color! They are so adorable and very comfy! Go get them!

Pearl 2 layer beaded headband: Ross. Orignal price $2.99. Amazingly fair enough ❤

Diamond-Pearl Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Original Price $6.00 on sale for buy 2 for $10. Its a pack of three different earrings, I LOVE all of them! They are overly exaggeratedly HUGE.

Transparent Hippie Shades: Ebay. Original price $1.78! Yup… I am serious! You can find similar ones at Charlotte Russe for $5!

I hope you liked this look ❤ I always get compliments on this outfit, because its just so summer-boho-ish!
Do not forget to leave feedback, as I enjoy reading them. Enjoy mi amores, enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Nelo .A.