EID Look #1

EID Al- Fitr 2015 LOOK #1:

As Ramadan begins, many of us start Eid outfit hunting. Or just start to brainstorm designs (thats me!). I had mentioned on my Instagram, to give all of you some inspiration that I will be posting a few exciting and different looks for Eid. I have sorted out a couple different looks, from a casual Eid look to a glamorous Eid look. I have done a lot of mix and matching (which I love to do) and I hope these inspirations help!

Since Eid has been towards the warmer weather for the last couple of years, I have designed my Eid outfits very simple and comfortable to wear. Because when it comes to warm weather (which I dislike very much, more of a Fall/Winter girl) I cannot bare to over layer an outfit. So I try to aim for either a full sleeved non see through outfit that I make myself most of the time. If I do not, then I look for something out in the stores which is a bit annoying, I aim for very LIGHT weight fabrics to wear and style. It’s Eid! We all deserve to look good ❤

So, here is Eid Look # 1! As mentioned above, if those choices do not work for me I aim for light weight fabrics which I did for this look. I am wearing a high-low very loose-fitted drape kimono dress. I wore a very light weight black long-sleeved shirt underneath (ofcourse). Then I decided to “pop” something out and thought “why not sequins?!” So I aimed for my sequins high-waisted fitted trousers from H&M.

I then wore a simple black scarf and accessorized the outfit with nude pumps, nude oversized clutch, a ring, 2 bracelets and a beaded necklace to balance out the look. For makeup (since the only thing you can see are my lips haha) I wore the color SIREN from NYX MATTE Lipsticks (all details are listed in my older blog posts about the jewelry, and lip colors I wear).

This look I have never done before, so it was an adventure for me to style, and I must say it was a success! What do you ladies think?





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