Ramadan Cook Book- Recipe #5

Ramadan Cook Book { Recipe #5 }

This is going to be a SUPER easy and QUICK recipe for you all! With all the delicious foods cooked during Ramadan, homemade dipping sauce is always a must. With many of you asking me how I always make it, in this recipe I will show you 2 ways in one, lets get started!

Chutney (chut-nee)
Dipping Sauce


– A whole batch of fresh Cilantro (3-4 is good enough for a month)
-1 Jalapeno (depends on your taste of spice, I add 2) OR Green Chillies
-5 Fresh Peeled Garlic
-Lemon Juice


– In a huge bowl, separate and place cilantro in cold water to be cleaned well. Leave for 10 minutes.
– Then wash well, and place into blender.
-Add in peeled garlic, peppers.
-Blend (If issues blending, add 1/4 cup water NO more than that, if more is needed add 1/3 more. Make sure it is thick not watery).
-Place into a container (glass is preferred best, I used plastic because I was lazy)
-1 spoon of salt to taste (all depends on your tastebuds)
-2-3 spoons of lemon juice.

Keep the Chutney the way it is, and use it for egg rolls, pirakee, cholay, and other foods.

-Get some yogurt, mix well, add some water but keep the yogurt thick.
-Add in Chutney with a CLEAN spoon. You may add 2-3 spoons (the greener, the more chutney-er)
-And serve the same way!

The Chutney will last you the whole month, and it’ll be right in the fridge when you need it. How simple and quick was this recipe? Do not forget to share your comments and follow me on Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo), and tag “RamadanCookBookWithNelo” on your Instagram posts!

Your welcome ❤

Nelo .A.








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