Hello ❤

Sorry Ladies! I am 2 days late on the Fashion Finds post, as Ramadan is coming to an end (sigh) the schedule has been building up. So this is a more relaxed, comfortable, and fun “night out” or “day out” with your girls look. Not too much and not too less! And if you love cheetah print… then rawr!

Fashion Finds ❤ ❤ ❤

Jersey Cheetah MK Top: Marshalls. Original price (around 70$ or more cannot remember), sale price $20.99! One of my first MK shirts and its very comfortable.

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21. Original Price $7.80. These jeans use to be for $10.80 and just dropped down! I have a couple of Skinny Jeans, but honestly the most comfortable ones I own are all from F21. If you have not purchased a pair… go now!

MK Watch: My all time favorite watch, as ALL of you already know.

2-Tone Twisted Bracelet: Fornash. Original price $24.00. I really don’t know why I bought this…maybe because I just didn’t have anything like it (sigh).

Earrings: Forever 21. Original Price $6.80. So a pair of earrings were missing, and they gave it for me for $3.80 (set of 4 earrings, 1 was missing).

Sunglasses: Forever 21. I have posted these before, aka my “Bumble Bee” sunglasses. And they were on sale for $1.99

Gold Chained Clutch: Forever 21. Original Price $24.80 on sale for $6.99. Amazing right? I know! It looks like a small clutch but its actually very spacious.

Shoes: Wet Seal. Original Price $30, on sale for… $6.99. These shoes are SO comfortable, and I LOVED the price so I had to…

Hope you ladies enjoyed this relaxed look! Stay tuned for next weeks F.F.F!
Much Love,
Nelo .A.


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