Unique Hijabs

I believe the title of this post has already got your attention, correct? Because it sure caught mine when I was informed about this company! Fashion & Hijabs, a girl can never ever get enough. Who else strongly agrees? In this post I will be sharing another Hijab company and 2 different Hijabs and styles.

For a Hijabi (A girl who wears the headscarf) having multiple, comfortable, functional, matching, elegant and unique Hijabs is a MUST. Just like how during Fall and Winter we bundle ourselves up and change our wardrobe, that is what a Hijabi does with her hijabs. I mean literally!

Unique Hijabs is a fashion forward, online boutique that offers variety of Hijabs. This company has been in business from 2004, and has been blooming ever since. The sweet owner of this company had contacted me asking me what kind of hijabs I like and colors. She also offered me to visit the website and pick any Hijab.

I found that so difficult to do…you never give a girl the choice to “pick what you like”. Because she will take it all and that was my problem. It took me FOREVER to decide on what I wanted, I wanted all of them! I had messaged the owner back, telling her “you have placed me in a very difficult situation, because it is taking me forever! So please just send me what you wish”

I then gave her my top (I think) 10? Maybe more than that…hahahaha. Ladies, the name “UNIQUE” Hijabs is no joke. They are LITERALLY UNIQUE. I cannot express how beautiful each and every design detail is on each Hijab. The collections range from Jersey to silk to elegant florals for the summer time.

I received my package, and I felt like a little kid. The company had sent me a couple of hijabs from different collections they offer. I hope you ladies enjoy these looks and Hijabs because I surely did. I personally am all about being unique, that is my design inspiration. Being typical or basic is just not me and these Hijabs are what I was missing from my life and HIGHLY recommend for those of you who are looking for “the” Hijab.

I really hope you ladies enjoy these looks, they are 2 DIFFERENT Hijabs and 2 DIFFERENT looks. I have received tremendous compliments on these Hijabs, what more can a girl ask for?

Nelo .A.

Unique Hijabs: // http://www.uniquehijabs.com //


“70/26”, Very light weight, very wrinkle resistant, comfortable, drapes beautifully, do not have to worry about Hijab slipping off, many other colors are available. I have never owned nor worn a Jersey Hijab and I am in love! I went for a “boho” look here. I have done 3 different Hijab looks, which one is your favorite?





“70/53”, light-weight, drapes beautifully, very wide, comfortable, many colors are available, many hijab styles can be done with this Hijab. I draped it, showing the white around my head and side. I went for a “street” look here. What do you ladies think? (P.S. I have never done this kind of look before…)

IMG_6347  IMG_6350



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