Hello, Hello, Hello!

Without wasting anytime or blabbering (which I normally do, and watch I’ll get right into it) I received my new Boxy Charm beauty box for the month of August! If you are new to my blog and wondering “What’s a Boxy Charm”? go ahead and visit this link for full info on all different kind of beauty subscription boxes!

A quick review of Boxy Charm: this is a beauty subscription box for only $21.00 a month, FREE SHIPPING, and here’s the best part you get ALL FULL SIZED PRODUCTS! These boxes are usually worth up to $300! But you’re only paying $21!

So my first box was amazing, as well as this one. I absolutely LOVE eye makeup and lip products, even though this box did not have lip products but had amazing eye products I had to get my hands on…(said no girl ever). The spoilers were so interesting, that I was so eager to get mine, and it finally arrived!

The theme for August 2015 was-

“GORGEOUS GLOBETROTTER”- {Dear Charmers, book a ticket, pack a bag, & let wanderlust be your guide. This month, we’re seeing the world and exploring destinations unknown”.


❤ Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette (full size)


❤ MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner (full size)


❤ Nios Shield Leave- In Conditioner (full size)


❤ So Susan Statement Skin (full size)


❤ Seta Eyeliner Brush (full size)


{This box is worth $250}

Oh my gosh, isn’t this exciting?! I have heard many positive reviews about the “Revealed Palettes” and is very similar to the “Naked” palettes and it really is! I took 2 photos of the palette (with/without flash) so you all can see the colors. The colors are beautiful, and perfect for the Fall. Ladies… I have never liked liquid eyeliners, I can apply it to others but I cannot do it on my eyes. It makes my eyes feel so heavy, and ehh yuck. Because of my weird irritation, I always use soft, pencil eyeliners.

I have heard ALOT about gel eyeliners, but just been really lazy to purchase one (hey, I’m being honest) and now that I have received one (with an amazing brush), I get to finally try one out woohoo! The highlighter crayon is something very new to me, I usually use a nice shade of eyeshadow for my brow bone, or inner eyes to balance any eye look I decide to do. But this crayon will be my new toy!

Lastly, the leave-in conditioner looks amazing to use. My hair is so abnormally sensitive (actually my whole body is) that I am actually afraid to try this product hahaha. But the description looks so pure, especially with the Moroccan Aragon oil in it. So I shall see… to use? Or not to use? That is the question…

There you are ladies, a full review of August’s Boxy Charm Box! If any of you have purchased from Boxy Charm or any other beauty subscription please comment and let me know your experiences! As for my BOXYCHARM lovers, do share your experiences as well and what you received in your box<3

Much love,

Nelo .A.







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