Military Green, Pink Flowers & Metallic Gold.

Happy Friday!

Well, this is the LAST weekend before school begins for the most of you! How does it feel? Colleges and Universities have already begun, boy how I miss school. Seriously, enjoy these bittersweet moments, and make ALOT of memories. This weeks Friday Fashion Finds is very comfortable and easy going. For those who do not have the energy to dress up for school early in the morning yet want to look good? This is the look for you!

Fashion Finds:

Military Green Wide-Sleeves Over-Sized Shirt: H&M. Original price $24.95 on sale for $10! This color has been trending a lot for the last year or so, and still will be (the fashion dork I am I do research these things).

Bright floral printed tights/leggings: Sears. Original price $14.95 on sale for $4.99. Yeah, yeah many of you are probably like “Ew. Sears”? Yes. Sears. It really is surprising I know, I forgot why I even went there, but hey it was worth it!

Sunglasses: H&M. Original price $9.95. I love these sunglasses (again I love over exaggerated sunglasses). And these cover my eyes and eyebrows, I was searching for a pair of these for a while and found them.

Mini-platform metallic gold sandals: TopShop. Original price $48 on sale for $21. These sandals are the most COMFORTABLE shoes I own! I love love love them, its like I am walking on air. Let’s also not forget…it has the color gold. Best purchase EVER.

And thats a wrap! I hope this weeks F.F.F. was of help (it was to me). Have a wonderful and safe weekend ❤

Nelo .A.

IMG_6432 IMG_6434 IMG_6435 IMG_6436

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