As Summer ends…

As summer is coming to an end (even though its September the weather is still humid), I am pretty sure all of you are trying to make the most of it especially since it is Labor Day weekend. Well, I have never liked Summer and never enjoyed it. I love the Fall and Winter, those are my seasons to dress up and enjoy the moments. Personally, I find more fun activities during the Fall/Winter rather than Summer… that’s also probably because I do not like beaches? Isn’t summer all about beaches? Unless you’re traveling the world now that is a DIFFERENT story 😉

My girlfriends and I planned a day at the National Harbor, A) the weather was perfect B) 2 of them are visiting from out of the country (they moved after they got married) and C) to eat (I’m all about food…). We started the afternoon with “Elevation Burger”, highly recommended (P.S. they serve HALAL meat) so eating there was not a problem at all! Grubbed on some burgers and fries, and burned it off after all the walking we did afterwards. The National Harbor is a very nice and family oriented area to visit, there is a strip of restaurants from seafoods to fast foods its all there.

If the weather is nice you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful waterfront view, and if its a hot and humid day you can walk on over to the Gaylord. A very exquisite place with some more restaurants, a walking area, indoor and outdoor views of the Harbor and a fun water show to watch. For all of my international viewers and followers if you ever visit the DMV area, make sure to visit here as well. There are activities not only in the Summer but also in the Winter ( I love it in the winter better, obviously).

I hope you ladies enjoy this post, and for those who do live in the area and have not visited yet do have one! Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend mi amores!

Much love always,

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:

Royal Blue Dress: U.A.E. // Black Hat: Marshalls // Flats: Charlotte Russe // Watch: MK // Gold Bracelets: Gifted from a dear friend // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Rings: Topshop // Midrings: Charlotte Russe //

IMG_4257 IMG_4256 IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4294 IMG_4304 IMG_4327 IMG_4258 IMG_4309 IMG_4319 IMG_4321 IMG_4323



IMG_4264IMG_4334IMG_4329IMG_4330IMG_4297 IMG_4311

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