EID Look #1

EID Al-Adha 2015 Look #1

First off, I would like to say to those who have gone to perform Hajj (The Holy Pilgrimage to Makkah) this year to have an amazing spiritual journey. May Allah (God) accept every act of worship performed, and may they all return safely to their loved ones Ameen. To those who lost their lives due to the accident, May Allah (God) accept their Hajj and forgive them Ameen.

To my “Non-Muslim” readers, I will explain “Hajj” and “Eid Al Adha” in a different post so stay tuned ❤ As for the rest of you, who has begun Eid shopping? OR last minute Eid shopping I should say…(I’m one of them). I have mentioned before, I usually just design mine the night before (I’m a procrastinating Queen..).

Well then! I know many of you have been eagerly waiting for these looks because I had mentioned on my Instagram ( @fashion.with.nelo) that these looks are going to be “Fall Inspired” and I.LOVE.FALL.

Seriously, you ladies have no idea my love for this time of year…you just don’t.  If I could marry Fall, I would. Crisp cool fall air, warm drinks, darker makeup looks, boots, fringe, layering, gorgeous fall scenery & fall activities! Since the weather is still a bit warm (not too warm thank God) layering up is no problem 😉 Hijabistas…you definitely know what I’m talking about ❤

Here is Eid Look #1 mi amores! I have a thing for suspenders/overalls/jumpsuits/rompers. I never like “over” dressing, I like to keep it classy and chic. Having a proper balance to an outfit can make ANY outfit look amazing, so just play around and use fashion sense. Hijab is from “The Hijab Vault” (one of my FAV hijab companies). Lip color is MAISON from NYX MATTE Lipsticks (perfect for the Fall). As for more details on lippies, accessories they are posted in my previous posts ❤

I had so much fun shooting for this Look Book (as you will see) because… ITS FALL! Feel free to leave feedback and what else you all would like to see ❤


Nelo .A.

IMG_6744 IMG_6743 IMG_6745 IMG_6749 IMG_6751 IMG_6753

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