EID Look #2

EID Al-Adha 2015 Look #2

I am so happy to see all of you loved the first Eid Look! I have received many messages/emails on the looks I post and its overwhelming, thank you all so much, I mean it from my heart ❤

Without wasting any time (many of you are eager for the next look & not my blabbering) here is Eid Look #2! As mentioned in my last post, the weather is still nice and not too cold, after the rain it has become a bit more chilly which means…layering! One of my ultimate “must haves” for Fall/Winter clothing is 1)Fur & 2) Velvet<3

This look is more of an elegant approach, for those who like to keep it classy on Eid. This long maxi velvet dress has a high-neck (which is perfect for those of you who are Turbanistas). I did a turban look, but I have to cover my neck (just my own zone of comfort). The back of this dress has a medium slit, in which you can either sew it up OR wear leggings to keep it halal 😉 The other option you have is long-legged boots! FYI I bought this dress in black too, I couldn’t help myself…

I then added a light-weight shawl which has a mixture of neutral tones to balance the look. Before you all ask I thought might as well do it before you ladies do! I did 3 different styles with the shawl, OR you can just wear the dress itself!

To complete the “elegant” and “classy” look I accessorized it very lightly because the look was already vibrant enough. And that ends Eid Look #2!

Velvet Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shawl: Charlotte Russe

Lipstick: NYX- SIREN

Heels: Nordstrom

Ring: TopShop

Watch: MK

Purse: Chanel

Scarf: Nordstrom

IMG_6760 IMG_6769 IMG_6768IMG_6766 IMG_6781

IMG_6782 IMG_6761

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