EID Look #3

EID Al-Adha 2015 Look #3

Still haven’t found the perfect Eid look? Or last minute Eid Shopping? Don’t worry!

Eid is for 3 days, and with school and work it can get hectic. But putting together a last minute Eid outfit, without leaving home you can literally just run into your closet right now and put a look together in a heart beat!

So why don’t you get yourself up, walk on over to your closet and start playing with whatever you have. Mix and match looks, play with colors, just use your sense of fashion. In no time, you will have mastered a quick last minute Eid look without any worries. Then wear it to wherever you have to go tonight 😉

This is exactly what I did for this look, just to show you ladies that you don’t ALWAYS have to go shopping or panic for an  Eid outfit (especially for those who go to work/school). I played around with the shawl (again) just so you can style it how you please, OR just wear the dress itself!

This is the full and final look ladies! I hope you all enjoyed Eid-Al-Adha’s Look Book which was (obviously) Fall inspired. Inshallah until next year!

Wishing all of you a blessed Eid, May Allah make us have many more Inshallah (God Willing) Ameen ❤ ❤ ❤

Full-Sleeved Ankle Length dress: H&M

Shawl: Charlotte Russe

Scarf: Unique Hijabs

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Nordstrom

Watch: MK

Bracelet: I Am.

Rings: Charlotte Russe










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