EID Al-Adha Look

EID-Al-Adha Look

Mi Amores! I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed a wonderful Eid Inshallah (God Willing). This is going to be a post on what I wore for Eid and how I styled this look. As mentioned in previous posts, I always design my own outfits. I started on a design for Eid, but I could not finish it due to some work (it’s ok, I can save it for an event).

This Eid I decided to do something…different. I have a “unique” sense of fashion which I am known for (main reason for my passion for fashion). I planned my outfit the day of Eid, literally. I mentioned in my last post that’s what you can do if you get caught up with school or work don’t panic just walk into your closet (or your sisters or your brothers) and get an outfit together!

So, I went into my brothers closet (yup, that’s right) and he had received a gift from one of his friends which he had NEVER EVER touched. Of course my brother did not know I was going through his closet, but eventually saw (muahaha). The coat I wore is called a “Chapan” also known as a “Coat”. Beautifully handmade, of rich fabric and colors. It is of Afghan culture, so I accessorized the coat with the authentic Afghan jewelry I own. This was something new I tried, but hey that’s the whole point in fashion 😉

Let me tell you ladies one thing, always be proud of who you are. Wear, think, do what makes you happy people are going to say useless things anyway! Do not ever hesitate to express yourself through different styles, take it from me 😉 So just enjoy your life, and fashion on ❤

What do you ladies think of this look? Would you wear something similar? Yes? No?  I would love to hear your feedback.

Much love always,

Nelo .A. ❤

Outfit Details:


// Chapan // Scarf-Nordstrom // Afghan Jewelry-Afghanistan // Clutch-H&M // Ankle length maxi dress-H&M // Lipstick-ARIA NYX // Shoes-Charlotte Russe // 

IMG_6857  IMG_6869  IMG_6867




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