The Styling Project <3

                    Ladies ladies ladies!!!

Goodness…I know all of you have been waiting anxiously for this post and i have been saying it’ll be up “soon”. For some odd reason the website wasn’t functioning (it still isn’t either) so I am typing all this from my phone! The things I do for you all…jk jk. So…HOW IS EVERYONE?! I’ve missed you all SO much (honestly). I don’t know how many times I’ve apologized in my last posts, but again I apologize for barely posting. No more excuses Nelo! 

I have replied to your emails and DMs on Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo) so you gotta give me that! Has this been a long winter or what?! I am def. not complaining because I love the cold and it’s fashion, but it’s been very long. And again today, the temperature has dropped (not surprised). Anywho! 

I am so happy, blessed and thankful to share this very important post with all of you❤️ it’s something a bit different. I am a designer specialist Alhamdulilah (Thank God). Which I will explain in detail in my next post Inshallah (God Willing). So I was assigned a project to style different looks using the designs of an Italian designer brand named Fabiana Filippi.

If you all are not familiar with these designs I really recommend you do your research and learn about it. I was given the instructions to pull 3 different looks with the new Resort ’16 collection to take part in a contest. I was told 2 days before the deadline, yeah I was freaking out (I’m a crazy perfectionist). Before pulling the looks, I contacted my dear friend asking if she was available because these looks had her pop in my head. 

Thankfully she was available (love you Sarah). Ahhhhhh! Just remembering the hassle is hurting my stomach hahaha. I pulled out looks, jewelry, shoes, and hand bags to accessorize it well. My girl came in, and luckily the weather was so warm that day (it was after the blizzard so you’ll see lots of snow). 

Without further ado! Here are the looks I pulled together, I would love to hear any feed back❤️ 

Much love, 

Nelo .A.

                    DESIGNER APPAREL-

                        FABIANA FILIPPI






                               By Moi❤️




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