Early Spring Basics

Early Spring Basics

The weather the last few days has been beyond beautiful, a bit chilly but it’s all good! As long as we are still in the process of getting into Spring and not just Summer directly, I am very thankful.

It has been a while, and I am not going to waste anytime, because I know how all of you love & appreciate my “F.F.F” So let me get right into these amazing finds ASAP!

Since its beautiful during the day at this moment, and gets chilly at night I thought maybe this would be a good outfit to wear, something basic yet a hint of early Spring. What do you ladies think?

Fashion Finds:

Paris Top: H&M. Regular price $34.99 on sale for 7$. A very light weight, simple and chic top to pair up with anything literally. It is an oversized top, which I love.

Calf-Leather-Tights: ROSS. Price $7.99. I ended up buying two different kinds, and I wish I had bought another one because they are SO comfortable. Nothing heavy or annoying and it has leather (another weakness of mine).

Sandals: Burlington. $10.99. I bought these sandals last Summer and I get compliments on them until this day. Very comfortable, I paired it with this outfit because it pops out a bit of Spring. Simple and comfortable.

You can totally mix and match and always accessorize this look! Always be creative my pretties! Enjoy your weekend ladies and this GORGEOUS weather we have been having before it randomly gets cold again (which I have no problem with). Hope you ladies liked this simple and quick post!

Much Love,
Nelo .A.

IMG_6424 IMG_6427 IMG_6428

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