Me, myself, and fashion.

Well, how to begin? I know this is not going to sound new, but here you go…I have always had a passion for fashion! For as long as I can remember. Even though there are no fashion sensations in my background, I come from a family who are all fond in business and anything medical/engineering related. As I was growing up, I always took a risk to mix and match anything and everything from my wardrobe. Some would obviously find it odd, whereas others complimented me. That is when I finally made my decision to get into fashion designing.

Completing a B.A. in Fashion Design/Fashion Merchandising, I am hoping to create a change in the fashion world with my design concept. And what better way to start with…a blog! 

I have never been fond of “typical” designs. I personally believe that fashion is a risk, and once you get a hang of that risk every new design is an adventure to create. 

In this new adventure, I plan to inspire many of you fashion enthusiasts, as much as it has inspired me in my life. Let’s see how far I succeed on this new journey…

Much love,


4 thoughts on “Me, myself, and fashion.

  1. Wow Neelam! This is awesome. I’ve always seen other fashion blogs but now I feel I can really relate hehe. Just want to say congrats on all ur success and may u have more to come, iA ❤ can't wait to read more of your blogs!! Love you!


    • Thank you so much Alia, means alot you have no idea ❤ I am glad that you can relate and that is my goal for you all iA. Ameen to all of your duas given and the same to you. Stay connected pretty lady, love you more!


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