Eid Look #3

Eid Al-Fitr Look #3

Hello Ladies ❤

Thank you all so much for your patience in waiting for this post. Alhamdulilah (Thank God) I am feeling much better than before, appreciate the well wishes from all ❤ I also wanted to say, thank you ALL from across the GLOBE for the love and support with my “Eid Look Book”. It honestly gives me so much happiness ❤ ❤ ❤

I promise you it was worth the wait (I personally like this look out of the other 2). Eid Look #3 is my collaboration with the talented “The Hijab Souq”. This Hijab boutique, has a variety of Hijabs and by variety I mean VARIETY Mashallah. From fancy, to casual, to the color you love they have it all! The Hijab I am wearing here is from one of their most popular lines known as the “Royal Lace Hijab” in the color Black. And all of you alreadyyyy know my love with “black and gold”, this Hijab was love at first sight ❤

A very light-weight material, a little close to crinkle but not so much. Perfect for Spring, Summer and even Fall! The gold lace on the end of the Hijab is a good “over exaggerated” amount, I mean who doesn’t love lace?! This Hijab went P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y. (and every other one)  with my “neutral” Eid Look Book this year (I am still surprised I did neutral tones…). The style I did with this hijab is a “hood” look. So you can see the beautiful lace.

The top I am wearing is a beautiful olive but not olive green shade (ladies, when I said I am doing colors I never do, its the truth). I have been eyeballing this top for a WHILE, so when I saw it on sale I grabbed it right away (why not?!) Plus this kind of work and style is from my culture, so thats another reason 😉

It also has a beautiful embroidered back, with florals. Very light-weight and very comfortable. Ofcourse, I paired it with a black under shirt and black tights, and did a nice nude heel to balance the colors out. For accessories (MY FAVORITE) I used the Embroidered Clutch from The Hijab Souq, another elegant piece (mentioned in my other collab with them), gold bangles, my MK watch and both rings are from my trip to the UAE. Lastly, I did a “pop” of red lips to complete the look!

Aaaaand there you have it ladies, the last and final Eid Look of this Look Book! Be sure to take advantage in these last (2-3) nights of Ramadan. May Allah accept all of our fasts and acts of worship Inshallah Ameen! I would love to hear feed back, whether its through email, DM, or comments you all know I always reply! Again, thank you all for the love and support ❤

Take care ladies, and Inshallah next post with be for Eid! And more collaborations to come from The Hijab Souq ❤


Nelo .A.


Outfit Details ❤

Top- Zara

Black tights/undershirt- Forever 21

Hijab- The Hijab Souq

Clutch- The Hijab Souq

Watch- MK

Bangles– H&M (small) Gold (big)

Heels- Charlotte Russe

Lippie– Colourpop Cosmetics


IMG_7759                               IMG_7762

IMG_7764                            IMG_7753




Eid Look #2

EID Al-Fitr 2016 Look #2

Happy Monday Ladies!

Hoping all of you enjoyed your lovely weekend! I defiantly did…with all of these amazing Iftar gatherings (plus the millions pounds I have added). Let’s hope I fit into my Eid clothes, which by the way I have not made yet…whoops! Thank you all for the love on my first Eid Look, so happy you all loved it ❤

Eid Look #2 is my collaboration with The Hijab Vault ❤ I honestly am OBSESSED with all of their Hijabs Mashallah. I think I have always expressed my love and appreciation for these Hijabs, because they really ARE that praise worthy ❤ The hijab I am wearing here is the “One-Edged Pearl & Chain”.  A very elegant and light weight Hijab, perfect for the Summer. This Hijab comes in beautiful summer shades such as purple, blush, blues, nudes, and pinks. This Hijab line is exclusively for Ramadan and Eid, so ladies be sure to get yours before they are sold out! And trust me…they are going fast.

Again, I am sticking to all neutral tones, so this Hijab was perfect for this look.  I did a simple, side drape for the one edge of the pearls to show. I am wearing a floral cape top (sadly, the wind was not cooperating with me, but the sleeves are of cape design). I paired it with black tights, and a nice pair of black Kitten Heels which are a life saver when you’re a oldie like myself (lol).

For the accessories, I felt the florals were already so much so I just did some bangles, one ring, and ofcourse my favorite Chanel bag ❤ ❤ ❤ And lastly, for my lip color I did a pop of pink! Well, what do you ladies think? I would love to hear feed back! Make sure you follow me on Instagram as well (@fashion.with.nelo) and my FB page (FashionWithNelo) ❤

Last and final Eid look will be up in a few days! Stay tuned mi amours!


Much love,

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details-

Top- OverSeas

Black Tights/Undershirt- Forever 21

Hijab- The Hijab Vault

Bag- Chanel

Lippie- Mac Candy Yum Yum

Bangles- Charlotte Russe

Ring- I am.

Heels- Burlington







Eid Look #1

EID Al-Fitr 2016 Look #1

Happy Weekend!

How are all of my ladies from around the globe doing? How is Ramadan going for all of you? I hope Ramadan is going well and has brought very good changes in the all of you (including me) Inshallah (God Willing). Can you believe we are already in the Last 10 days? Subhanallah (Glory be to God). A week before Ramadan I took out all of my Abayas, ironed them and hung them nicely for Tarawih Prayers. And now, we are at the end of the month.

May Allah accept all of our worship and fasts during the beautiful month and that we live to see the next Inshallah (God Willing) Ameen. It has been a year of my blogging life, and I am so overwhelmed with the love I have received from each and every single one of you. Not only from the States, but from across the world! Thank you all so much. If it wasn’t for the love, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today ❤

Last year I did the “Eid Look Book” and honestly I was kind of hesitant about my looks. Everyones style is different, so thought what the outcome would be. And Alhamdulilah (Thank God) it was very positive. All of my Eid looks were loved by all of you, and this time I am way more confident in sharing more inspirations with you all ❤

I have kept a color scheme for this Look Book. I have worked with all neutral tones. The reason I did so, was because neutrals can go with any skin color, and I have come to realize that. This Summer I pushed myself to wear more nudes/blush tones. And surprisingly, I kind of like it. So for those of you who are worried, don’t be! Trust me, you will look fabulous!

Many of you loved and I mean LOVED the sequins look I did last Eid. So thought why not do something similar but different this year. Again, all neutral tones but added a bit of sparkle to it ❤ I balanced the entire look with a Black Hijab (you can never go wrong with black) and a nice shade lippie. I mixed and matched gold and silver (which I never do) and thats that! What do you ladies think? Feel free to leave comments below! Stay tuned for another look in a few days!

Much Love,

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21

Tights/Undershirt- Forever 21

Necklace- Forever 21

Lips- MAC All Fired Up

Heels- DSW

Clutch- H&M

Bangles- Overseas

Ring- TopShop

IMG_7700                IMG_7703


IMG_7692           IMG_7693



EID Look #3

EID Al-Fitr 2015 LOOK #3:

Happy Monday Ladies ❤

I am sure we all are busy with Ramadan coming to an end. The last 10 days can get very overwhelming, at least for me 1) sadness of Ramadan ending 2) pushing extra effort the last few days into worship and 3) Eid outfit hunting.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know to say I am or am not feeling Eid this year it’s maybe because of Ramadan going way, way too fast. It scared me. I pray we all live to see the next Inshallah (God Willing).

I appreciate all of the love from everyone with being happy with these Eid inspirations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Here is EID Look #3.

This look is a more elegant look and two of my favorite colors black and gold ( more like a soft tan/nude gold). The silk high-wasited maxi full circle skirt is designed by me. By now, you all should know I LOVE high waisted bottoms. If you would like to see this skirt on the L’Noor Etsy Shop with other colors feel free to email me (Lnoor.etsy@outlook.com)

The top is a light-weight georgette fabric Kimono, with hand-beading of mixed colors (silver, gold black). I always like holding clutches, but for this look I had a hanging-purse with a cute little tassel! Shoes I wore simple black pumps. As for accessories, I kept it simple with 2 rings and my MK watch. Lip color is “Street Creed” by NYX Cosmetics, a very “popping” bright pink color.

Nelo .A.


IMG_6184 IMG_6170IMG_6178


EID Look #2

EID Al-Fitr 2015 LOOK #2:

Hello my pretties!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! I sure did…for the first time in my life I missed the Fire Works this year…I know! Ramadan schedule has got me very busy, not complaining one bit though ❤ Let’s get right into business shall we?

Here is EID LOOK #2! Again, these are all very light weight fabrics. My hijab is a georgette fabric, I have plenty of colors and love them all! You can never go wrong with lace, can you? Especially when its a maxi cardigan..nope you just cant. I believe even the most simplest outfit can become so chic when anything with lace is added to it.

Lastly, my pants are designed by moi! Yes, yes thank you very much ❤ I LOVE to mix and match, always been my signature look (main reason of designing). I have a couple of other colors as well! Which you ladies will be seeing soon. And to combine the whole look together, I paired up black and gold accessories!

Hope you ladies enjoyed this look! I am overwhelmed with the comments and love from my first Eid Look! Thank you so much! Remember to leave some love ❤

Nelo .A.

Lace Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Pants: Designed by me
Lipstick: MAC- All Fired Up
Clutch: TJ MAXX
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: TopShop
Bangles: Overseas.




EID Look #1

EID Al- Fitr 2015 LOOK #1:

As Ramadan begins, many of us start Eid outfit hunting. Or just start to brainstorm designs (thats me!). I had mentioned on my Instagram, to give all of you some inspiration that I will be posting a few exciting and different looks for Eid. I have sorted out a couple different looks, from a casual Eid look to a glamorous Eid look. I have done a lot of mix and matching (which I love to do) and I hope these inspirations help!

Since Eid has been towards the warmer weather for the last couple of years, I have designed my Eid outfits very simple and comfortable to wear. Because when it comes to warm weather (which I dislike very much, more of a Fall/Winter girl) I cannot bare to over layer an outfit. So I try to aim for either a full sleeved non see through outfit that I make myself most of the time. If I do not, then I look for something out in the stores which is a bit annoying, I aim for very LIGHT weight fabrics to wear and style. It’s Eid! We all deserve to look good ❤

So, here is Eid Look # 1! As mentioned above, if those choices do not work for me I aim for light weight fabrics which I did for this look. I am wearing a high-low very loose-fitted drape kimono dress. I wore a very light weight black long-sleeved shirt underneath (ofcourse). Then I decided to “pop” something out and thought “why not sequins?!” So I aimed for my sequins high-waisted fitted trousers from H&M.

I then wore a simple black scarf and accessorized the outfit with nude pumps, nude oversized clutch, a ring, 2 bracelets and a beaded necklace to balance out the look. For makeup (since the only thing you can see are my lips haha) I wore the color SIREN from NYX MATTE Lipsticks (all details are listed in my older blog posts about the jewelry, and lip colors I wear).

This look I have never done before, so it was an adventure for me to style, and I must say it was a success! What do you ladies think?