Summer Kimono-2

As promised in my last post, here is another Summer Kimono Fashion Find for you ladies ❤

Fashion Finds:

Summer Kimono: H&M. Original Price $34.95 on sale for $15.00. This is a very bright color for the summer, which I love. I barely wear bright colors, so forced myself to purchase this and get over it! There are also many other bright colors in this Kimono.

Pastel Pink Skinny Jeans: Forever 21. Original price $19.80. As mentioned in one of my previous F.F.F Forever 21 skinny jeans are VERY comfortable, so if you have not purchased a pair please do so.

Silver Studded Flats: Forever 21. Original Price $34.80 on sale for $8.99. These flats are one of my favorite color combinations, you can wear these flats with almost any outfit.

I also added a black undershirt, you can add any color if you want even a printed shirt would look really nice.

❤ ❤ ❤

Nelo .A.



Summer Kimono-1

I’m back!!! Ahhhh, where to begin?

First off, I apologize for the very late blog posts, I fell very sick for a good few days. Second, THANK YOU to all of you who have emailed me/messaged me asking how I have been, etc. Thank God I am way better, and your emails gave me lots of smiles ❤

I will be posting TWO Kimono (F.F.F.) Looks just for you all!

Without wasting anymore time, lets get into this weeks Fashion Finds!

Fashion Finds:

 Floral Print Kimono: Burlington. Sale: $4.99. Kimonos are a style that NEVER go out of fashion. Whether its for the Summer or Winter, they always give a great look.

Boyfriend Jeans: Ross. Original Price $11.99. Since “Boyfriend” jeans are trending very much this year, I decided to get a pair and see what the hype is all about. It took me forever, honestly to find the “right” pair. I pick comfort over anything, and these were perfect.

Turquoise Hand-Beaded Necklace: This was gifted to me from Pakistan. I just accessorized it with this look.

Light-Gold-Shoes: Wet Seal. Original Price $28.80, on sale for $6.99! So, growing up for some odd reason “sneakers” have always looked hideous on me. Always. These are probably my OWNLY pair of sneaker related footwear, and I do not regret it one bit. Beyond comfortable.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this look, and of course you can match any undershirt.

Much Love to you ALL

Nelo .A.




Hello ❤

Sorry Ladies! I am 2 days late on the Fashion Finds post, as Ramadan is coming to an end (sigh) the schedule has been building up. So this is a more relaxed, comfortable, and fun “night out” or “day out” with your girls look. Not too much and not too less! And if you love cheetah print… then rawr!

Fashion Finds ❤ ❤ ❤

Jersey Cheetah MK Top: Marshalls. Original price (around 70$ or more cannot remember), sale price $20.99! One of my first MK shirts and its very comfortable.

Skinny Jeans: Forever 21. Original Price $7.80. These jeans use to be for $10.80 and just dropped down! I have a couple of Skinny Jeans, but honestly the most comfortable ones I own are all from F21. If you have not purchased a pair… go now!

MK Watch: My all time favorite watch, as ALL of you already know.

2-Tone Twisted Bracelet: Fornash. Original price $24.00. I really don’t know why I bought this…maybe because I just didn’t have anything like it (sigh).

Earrings: Forever 21. Original Price $6.80. So a pair of earrings were missing, and they gave it for me for $3.80 (set of 4 earrings, 1 was missing).

Sunglasses: Forever 21. I have posted these before, aka my “Bumble Bee” sunglasses. And they were on sale for $1.99

Gold Chained Clutch: Forever 21. Original Price $24.80 on sale for $6.99. Amazing right? I know! It looks like a small clutch but its actually very spacious.

Shoes: Wet Seal. Original Price $30, on sale for… $6.99. These shoes are SO comfortable, and I LOVED the price so I had to…

Hope you ladies enjoyed this relaxed look! Stay tuned for next weeks F.F.F!
Much Love,
Nelo .A.



Happy Birthday America! 

I am so proud and happy to be part of this amazing country! The opportunities we have from education to any sort of freedom, I am ever so grateful. I have travelled around the world, but there is NO place like HOME. Proud Muslim-American ❤

With that said, I hope all of you enjoyed your delicious BBQs and cookouts! Yes, for us fasting many of us still carried the tradition of cookouts (not eating until the sunset but inhaling the goodness!)  and going to see the fireworks. It is going to be so interesting to tell the next generation, how we “fasted during the 4th of July” makes me laugh.

I know this post is a bit late, but better late than never! Here is this weeks Fashion Finds!

Fashion Finds:

Maxi Small White-Spotted Dress: H&M. Original price $17.95 on sale for $4.95. I have bought this in a plain black color as well.

Bright Pink Crop Top: H&M. Original Price $9.95 on sale for $2.99. I have bought this in a plain black color as well. Wish they had more colors! They probably will…

White Gold Edged Flip-Flops: Charlotte Russe. Orignal Price $12.95 on sale for $5. It was a buy one get one for $2 (happy hour) so I also bought a nude color! They are so adorable and very comfy! Go get them!

Pearl 2 layer beaded headband: Ross. Orignal price $2.99. Amazingly fair enough ❤

Diamond-Pearl Earrings: Charlotte Russe. Original Price $6.00 on sale for buy 2 for $10. Its a pack of three different earrings, I LOVE all of them! They are overly exaggeratedly HUGE.

Transparent Hippie Shades: Ebay. Original price $1.78! Yup… I am serious! You can find similar ones at Charlotte Russe for $5!

I hope you liked this look ❤ I always get compliments on this outfit, because its just so summer-boho-ish!
Do not forget to leave feedback, as I enjoy reading them. Enjoy mi amores, enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Nelo .A.


Summer Florals

Happy Friday Ladies!

I want to apologize for not posting a F.F.F last week, due to the schedule of Ramadan (post is up on the explanation of Ramadan) I got caught up with other things so I did not have time to upload a post. Many of you were very concerned (anyone would be when it comes to shopping) BUT! I am back on track, and here is a very different look compared to the others I have posted.

Fashion Finds:

Long Floral Elastic Gathered Waist Buttoned Up Dress: H&M. Original price $34.95, on sale for $15! Ahh, must I always explain how much I LOVE H&M! This dress is very flowy, light chiffon fabric, and a beautiful floral print for the Summer. What I do is, I wear black tights underneath and leave a couple of buttons opened up until the mid-thigh area so my sandals can be shown 😉

Light Brown Gladiator Zip-Up Sandals: Burlington. Original price $24.99. Finding these sandals took me a while, literally. Some sandals look very cute, but once you put them on especially gladiators they are not tight enough to stand up or either slip down. These are the perfect pair! Even though there were black ones, this color stood out the most and works with many outfits as well.

Cream Clutch: H&M. Original price $24.95, on sale for $10. It also has a strap, or you can just hold it like a clutch.

Single Knot Gold Turban Headband: Burlington. Original price $3.99 on sale for $0.98! They have a variety of cute headbands and you honestly just have to get lucky to find a good one!

Gold Chained Long-Feathered Earrings: ICING. Original price $6.99, on sale for $1.99. Came in a pack of 3 (small stud earrings and these ones). Ok, so I know many of you are like “What? ICING?” It was closing in a mall here, and EVERYTHING was on sale. I just walked in to see, I needed those plastic ring-adjustment tighteners (I forgot the name fasting right now haha). And ended up getting this, not a bad decision.

Rusty Gold Ring: I honestly do not remember where I purchased this, but styled it with this look!

These finds are amazing, the main reason why I always post where I purchase them from is so you all can get a similar look and get some inspiration!

I hope you liked this calm, summer-flow look ❤
Do not forget to leave feedback, as I enjoy reading them. Enjoy mi amores, have a wonderful weekend!

Nelo .A.


Fancy Pants


Let’s get right into this week’s F.F.F. You have seen this white blazer in a post of mine before (again, I never wear white) but when something is decent, cute, from your favorite store AND on sale we ALL are guilty of buying it regardless!

So this look basically speaks for itself, doesn’t? It makes you want to jump into those “fancy pants” and show ’em off! I love putting these looks together because, most of these looks can be worn both ways, either during a day time brunch, lunch, dinner or even a night time party.

You can also remove the blazer because of the high-low top and work it, or just keep it on. Choice is yours 😉

Fashion Finds:

White Sequin Bow Blazer: H&M. Original price 34.95, on sale for $15. Okay, I really fell for the bow, I mean come on?! Isn’t it adorable?! Besides that I do not wear white, the reason I like this blazer is because it’s a VERY light weight cotton perfect for the summer. I usually remove shoulder pads, but these are very light and it doesn’t give you “man” shoulders so that’s a plus!

Silver Sequin Fitted High-waisted Trousers: H&M. Original Price $39.95, on sale for…$10! I KNOW RIGHT?! I have this crazy obsession with sequins! I find them so elegant, modern, and just fun to wear. These pants are SO comfortable, lined with knit fabric so the sequins do not poke the life out of you (hate it when that happens with some clothing). H&M is my ALL time favorite store, I believe its about time that it should be yours too haha…no really. I just hope they come out with gold ones…ahhhh!

High-Low Black Shirt: TJ MAXX. Original price $6.99. I made the hugest mistake of not buying a extra one, and the other colors were military green and royal blue ;-(. One of the most comfortable shirts I own.

White Heels: Nine West. Original Price 34.99. Even thought I do not wear white clothing, I like white shoes. And honestly, this is the only pair I own! They are very comfortable to walk in, trust me I’m the type who takes off her shoes in the middle of the walkway and will walk barefoot! But it hasn’t happened with these heels.

Black Earrings: Forever 21. Original $6.99, on sale for $3.99. The earrings came with 2 other pairs, so the price was perfect.

Gold/Silver Buckle Bracelet: Charming Charlie. Original price $15, on sale for $10. This bracelet is so elegant, and sparkles so delicately. They have other combinations as well.

Mid Rings: TopShop. Original price $15, on sale for…*drum roll please* $2!!! I KNOW! I KNOW! I cannot say more than that.

Louis Vuitton Wallet: It was actually gifted to me. I thought since this look had alot going on, I figured a small wallet like so would balance it all together.

That concludes this weeks Fashion Finds! What do you ladies think? I always love hearing feedbacks, and I am so happy this is of help to you all! So comment away!

Have a wonderful weekend, stay tuned I will be sharing a different post soon from an event I will be attending this weekend.

Much Love ❤

Nelo .A.



 IMG_5267  IMG_5260


Happy Friday Fashionistas ❤

My goodness, I do not know about you but I am so glad its Friday. Obviously Friday is everyones favorite day of the week, because you just know that even if you have had a tiring week with loads of work, stress, anything! Friday is the day to relax a bit, breathe and then continue what you need to do afterwards. With that said, lets jump into this weeks F.F.F!

This look is very street style, but with a hint of culture with it to pop the whole look out and keep a balance. I always love mixing different cultures into fashion, that’s what makes it a style. This fashion find is definitely a “FRI.YAY” look. Basically meaning (in my world) to be care-free, relaxed, breathing, and enjoying the day or night until we get busy again.

Fashion Finds: 

High-low black and white crop top: Forever 21. Original price $19.80. I love how they chose black and white in one look, you can mix and match about anything with this top!

Black Tights: Forever 21. Original price $3.80. If you have not purchased a pair of tights/leggings from Forever 21, I highly suggest you do so. 1) they are for $3.80, 2) they have many colors, 3) very comfortable to wear and 4) Did I mention they are $3.80?

Royal Blue chained purse: PAYLESS. Original $24.99 on sale for $5.99. So this purchase was a total mistake (said no girl ever). I actually had just walked in to see some comfortable pair of flip flops (which I later found else where) and while walking out I saw this! I love the fabric, its a soft, light weight velvet fabric. The chain is very heavy, and barely looks like a PAYLESS item. Never knew they had things like this… There was also a black one same price 😉 (hint hint)

Sunglasses: Forever 21. Original price $9.80 on sale for $1.99! The prices speak for themselves…

Silver Black Pendant Ring: This was purchased from a street market in Saudi Arabia, the cute old man had many designs, but this caught my eye. He was selling it for 4 Riyals ($1.07). Its a very heavy metal, nicely cut and structured. Keynote here, this man was making his income off of these small items, priced very, very low. I bought many more items as well, and also to help him out because he deserved it. Always be thankful<3

Earrings: Forever 21. Orignal price $3.80. Very light weight and very comfortable to wear.

Heavy Metal Hand cuffs: These are actual antique pieces gifted to me. Authentic designs  all the way from Afghanistan. Today you can find similar ones (not real though) in Forever 21, CR, TOPSHOP, and Urban Outfitters.

Royal Blue Velveteen Shoes: Charlotte Russe. Orignal price $34.99, on sale for $9.99. As you all already know, I literally have many pairs of shoes from CR because they are worth the purchase.

What do you ladies think of this Friday’s finds? Leave your comments below! If you ladies need any styling tips for specific events feel free to ask, that’s why I’m here ❤

Enjoy your weekend ❤

Nelo .A.




Chic, Glamourous, & Street

Happy Friday Ladies ❤

I am so glad you ladies have appreciated last Friday’s look. This outfit can be worn for a fun night out/date night/dinner/party/ or just dressing up for fun on a Friday night! It’s very chic, glamourous, yet kind of street which I love. I placed two different earrings, so take your pick! Plus you can never go wrong with black and gold, ever. Here are this weeks Fashion Finds:

Fashion Finds:

Sequin Crop-Top: Charlotte Russe. Original price $18.99 on sale for $5. They are having a huge sale ladies, so run on over and find your fashion finds!

Knit leather high-waisted pants/tights: ROSS. Original Price $13.99 which is very reasonable. These pants look so comfortable to wear (haven’t worn them yet). Made out  of leather and knit cotton jersey fabric.

Clutch: Tory Burch. Original Price about $300. One of my all time favorite clutches, it literally goes with every outfit.

Pointed Double ring: Claire’s. So this ring was a total mistake, I walked into Claire’s by mistake because I saw something unique in the display window. While I was talking out, this ring was there and it was for $8.99 and it was on sale for $1.99. How could I have left it? I always get compliments on it. (Guilty as always…)

Thick chain bracelet: I am. Original price $20 on sale for $2.99. I fell in love right when I saw this bracelet, it kind of resembles the MK one (which is on my list).

Chained jeweled dangling earrings: I actually do not remember, sorry!

Gold swirled earrings: TopShop. Original price $18 on sale for $2.99! I know, TopShop has been giving me so many surprises lately.

Gold Belt Bracelet:  Charming Charlie. Original price $20 on sale for $4.99. If you have not been to this wonderful accessories store do so! The layout and atmosphere is all color coordinated, makes shopping more fun and easy to get the color you are looking for.

Cheetah Spike Triangle Studded heels: Charlotte Russe original price $38.99 on sale for $9.99. As I have mentioned in my last F.F.F. post, CR has amazing shoes (as you can see).

Leave your comments below on what you think of this look ❤

Nelo .A.


Spring and Summer Bolds

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

After much positive feed back from my “Amazing Fashion Finds” post and on Instagram, as many of you have requested for me to continue doing that… your request has been granted ❤ Many of you probably have a budget to work with, or maybe some of you are students (college/university) and want to be careful on what and how you spend. I know there are so many trends lately that can be a bit expensive, but it’s ok we will find a way. Or maybe some of you just want to spend 😉 (trust me I know that feeling).

What I have decided to do is I have created a new category named “Fashion Finds Fridays” {{aka F.F.F.}} So every Friday, I will post a new fashion find with the details of where you can purchase them and how you can stylize<3  I often get asked “Oh my gosh! How did you get such an amazing deal?” and honestly it’s always by mistake. When I have no need to shop or even if I do, I just stumble upon deals that you cannot say no to…story of every girl’s life right?

Even though I am a day late (it’s ok!) for the love of you all, here is a new F.F.F.

Since Spring/Summer are here, this is a look for any sophisticated event/job/job interview/ or maybe just a day look. Bright colors have been trending very much and let’s not forget the mix and match of colors as well.

Leave your comments below on what you think of the look, and if you have any certain questions feel free to ask away.

Nelo .A.


IMG_5329 IMG_5332

Fashion Finds:

Orange Blazer: This blazer is light weight cotton material, perfect for the Spring and Summer. Charlotte Russe (Original Price $34) and it was on sale for $10. I love how it has zipper pockets, and pink rolled-up cuffs. Available in many other colors, I also have a black one and mint green.

Hot Pink high-waisted trousers: JC Penny (I honestly do not buy anything from here, this was a mistake haha). Company name is “Worthington” original price was for $40 and it was on sale for $6.99. These trousers are a mixture of spandex and cotton material, very comfortable to wear.

Black long-sleeved shirt: Ross 4.99 I personally think a lady should have many black sleeved shirts, you always need them! These are also available in many other colors as well. A mixture of cotton and a bit of knit fabric.

Retro Round Sunglasses: Forever 21. Orignal price $10.90 on sale for $1.99 (I know, I can’t believe it either) I love these sunglasses! I honestly just recently started wearing sunglasses, I was always so uncomfortable with them I felt like I was dragging so much attention to myself and I hate that! Now, I am obsessed with over-sized sunglasses. I often get called “bumble-bee” when I wear these. Sometimes you have to just go for it!

Gold Bracelet: I Am. Original price $8.99 on sale for $2.99. This accessories store is beyond amazing, very cute things that you can accessorize with anything.

Gold Ring: TopShop. Original price (above or around $20) sale price wait for it… $2! I KNOW. Its a heavy metal ring, very comfortable and… for $2?!

Spike stud earrings: Charlotte Russe. Original price (cannot remember) on sale for $1.99!

Watch: you all should know by now… MK ❤

Wallet: Michael Kors, it was actually gifted to me for my graduation by my best friend. She told me “your bags are always so precious, but your wallet is so damn ugly. So I had to get you a better one”. Yup, that’s our love. I am forever grateful, whenever I pull it out I get so many compliments (and hot pink is one of my favorite colors).

Black and Gold heels: Charlotte Russe. Original price $34 on sale for $9.99. So the thing about C.R. shoes, I have a couple of pairs and the reason is they are VERY comfortable. From heels, to flats to boots all of them are worth buying. I have noticed that when new shoes come out, after sometime they then get on sale for $9.99 and you have to be lucky to get your size. You will not regret it one bit.