Shades of Blush

Hello Ladies
I hope all of you had a wonderful week and now ready to enjoy the weekend! I literally only have 10 mins until 12am here, my laptop was NOT cooperating with me so I kept editing and losing my posts 😦 Please excuse this short little F.F.F, I am literally racing with time haha.
This F.F.F. is a little different, because it is L’NOOR design (yay!) I love this fabric pieces, only because it is black AND it has different shades of blush mixed into it. How beautiful?
If you ladies are interested in this design feel free to either email me or comment below! I also have a VERY exciting post I have been working on which will be posted in a day or two, I just need to finish editing some photos and it’ll be up ❤
Much love
Nelo .A.

Fashion Finds: 

Long Floral Knit Cardigan- L’Noor. This was a customized design I had made for a customer, and decided to make one for myself! I mean you can never get enough of long cardigans and that being floral.

White Cami- Forever 21. Original price $1.90. I think thats that.

Collar Choker Necklace- TopShop. Original price $48. On sale for $2. I mean do I really need to express how AMAZING this find was?!

High waisted Boyfriend Jeans- Papaya. Original price $24.99 on sale for $10. I have shared this before on my F.F.F. it looked nice with this look so I paired it up.

Tea Pink Wood Heel Lace up Ankle Boots- Charlotte Russe. Original price $38.99, on sale for $9.99. These shoes are SO comfortable, and so adorable.




I got the blues

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend, and ready for the week! Monday’s can be such a hassle to get back to “life”, ugh. But hey, no pain no gain! For those of you who follow me on my Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo) I had promised the full look will be on the blog by today and here it is!

Besides the color black, I like other dark color tones as well. I feel it goes more with my skin tone compared to lighter colors. Royal Blue or electric blue, whatever you like to call it, is one of my favorite colors. I was invited to a day time event and wore this outfit, (1) it was comfortable to maintain in the heat (2) its royal blue and (3) it is a L’Noor design <3.

Maxi tulle skirts, or any tulle skirts have been trending VERY much in the last year or so. A lot of the colors are very whimsical such as shades of whites, pinks, blush tones etc, but I had decided to design and work with more vibrant colors for a tulle skirt. Which, a lot of you have very much loved (thank you). This design is the “Royal Matte Tulle Skirt” in the color “Matte Royal Blue”. To have a better understanding of the “royal” please visit my L’Noor page.

For further details, orders and more colors visit

I would love to hear your comments on tulle skirts and how you liked this look!

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:

// Tulle Skirt- L’NOOR // Fringe Vest- ROSS // Black shirt- ROSS // Scarf- Nordstrom // Heels- Charlotte Russe // Bag- Louis Vutton // Gold bangles- Primark (London) // Rings: Topshop (gold) & I am (blue) // Statement Necklace- Fornash (gift from my internship)  // You can place orders at-



I believe many of you have realized and guessed that I am trying to become a designer, someway somehow in this big world. It’s all listed down in the “Me, Myself and Fashion” page if you have not read it yet. I just thought it would be nice to share a post regarding my designs. I will be posting bits and pieces for you all to see how I stylize my designs and what I like to design.

Sewing skills can get rough, TRUST me but all it takes is practice! While I was in school, we were taught with the “model” size which is about sizes 2-4 and maybe sometimes 6. The sizes of our mannequins were that too, so we had to work with those. Breaking out of that size has been quite a challenge for me, because once you have learned something in a specific way and worked with that for about 3/4 years it can get a little hard to step out of the box. I have messed up multiple of times working outside of that size range, from wasting fabrics, a wrong cut and even a wrong measurement! Ahhh. But, I survived.

I have done side designs, if someone needed a customized design, I would design and sew it. And that is how I was referenced to others. That is when I decided to move a bit forward. I began with accessories to enhance some more of my sewing skills and knowledge. And when I become fond of them, I launched L’NOOR. If you haven’t read the “L’Noor” page on my blog, please do so. I opened my Etsy shop back in November 2014 and launched my first accessories collection “Midnight Velvet Turbans” which are handmade velvet turbans. As the season was coming to an end, I started brainstorming some more ideas. I finally decided to launch my first Spring collection along with my Spring accessories collection.

You have to get started somewhere right? So I did. I have done customized wedding flower crowns, flower crowns, tulle maxi skirts, elegant gowns and now I have launched the “Spring Fling Drop Crotch Pants”. You can take a look at all of those at

Here are some photos for you all, showing a new print in the drop crotch pants (silk polka-dot). If any of you are interested feel free to contact L’NOOR, ships world wide ❤

I hope you ladies enjoy this journey with me, and hopefully I accomplish my dreams inshallah (God Willing).

Again, since I have mentioned in my “Tea Party Pastels” post, light colors are horrible on me. I took the risk of wearing white for you all! What do you ladies think?

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:
// Drop Crotch Pants- L’NOOR (designed/made by me) // Blazer- H&M // Clutch- JC PENNY // Rings- (overseas) // Shoes- (cannot remember) // Scarf-Nordstrom // Necklace- TOPSHOP // You can place orders at:





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