Coral & Lace

Hello Hello!

I don’t know if I should say “Happy Spring” or not because this weather is totally out of its control! We have had amazing, Spring days and then it goes right back into Winter…weird? I think so. But hey! I am not complaining at all ❤ The first day of Spring here…it was about less than 30 degrees, ahaha see my point?

But this weather won’t stop me from wearing nice Spring outfits, or atleast I have been trying to… 😦 So I had a huge issue of not finding my USB cord for my Canon (that’s what I am uploading this F.F.F late). And my laptop is a “vintage” MacBook… so it does not have that USB insert on the side like all you high-tech peeps :-/

So I had to use my sisters laptop, email ALL these pictures to myself, edit them and oh let’s not forget my crazy work schedule… now I am finally posting a week later…how exciting? Hey, better late than never right? The things I do for you all ❤

This is a very Spring inspire look, Coral and Lace will never go out of style (especially lace) I think this look is a very elegant combination. I hope you ladies find it the same as well ❤

Here is this (last weeks) F.F.F.

Fashion Finds:

Coral Flared Dress- ROSS. Original price $9.99. What can get better than that?

Lace Vest- ROSS. Original price $11.99. I love lace, I cannot express how much I do. So lets leave it at that. I get so many compliments wearing this light-weight vest, its that final “touch” to your outfit!

Lace Point Flats- Charlotte Russe. Orignal price $24.99, on sale for $5. So this AMAZING deal was buy one for 5$ and the other will be for $2.50. I bought this pair and a coral pair as well. VERY comfortable.

Pearl-Ring-Cuff- Nordstrom BP, orignal price $15 on sale for $3.

Pearl Necklace- Forever 21. Orignal price $24.80 on sale for $3. Again, another piece I get many compliments on.

Stud/Pearl Earring- A set from Charlotte Russe for $5.

Clear White and Gold Cross Body- ZARA. Original price $50.00 on sale for $19. This was love at first site ladies…pure love.

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Birthday Surprise {08.20.15}

Hello Mi Amores!

Even though it has been 4 days, but Haaaappppyyyyy Bbbbiiiirrrrtttthhhhddddaaayyyyy to me! A huge thanks for those who emailed me and sent me messages on Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo) for the birthday wishes ❤

For those of you who know me VERY well, I absolutely love throwing any sort of party or get-together for my family and loved ones. I don’t know what it is, but I usually make a big deal out of birthdays for those who I love. Just seeing them happy on the day they were born, gives me so much happiness to see them happy and surprised I feel as if I have accomplished something very special for them.

Now moving onto myself I could careless about my birthday (sounds odd right?). The last time I ever put the effort to throw a birthday party was when I turned 18 (a VERY long time ago). Which was a wonderful party and blessed to have it. After that, now this is funny Ramadan ended up being on my birthday for the next few years (LOL). Even though I did try to have a gathering, it never worked. So I guess thats what just stopped me from caring (not complaining!).

So, I love surprises. In my life I have been surprised very little here and there, but never on my birthday which I have always wanted haha. So last year I was surprised for the very FIRST time on the day of my birthday (finally right? jk). I really, had no idea what was going on because at the same time (I wont say friend because she isn’t) it was my sisters wedding week and I was a bridesmaid.

So we were all focused on the wedding, running here and there you know the drill. It was a normal day for me, that whole week we met at her house to finish last minute things. That day she had decided to make it a “fun” day and go to a trampoline park. She also had messaged me to bring an “extra pair of clothes” because afterwards we were going to go out for a “girls night” dinner.

We had a great time at the trampoline park, and that day my sisters didn’t wish me so I was kind of upset (I am emotional like that). We all came back to her place, freshened up and left for dinner. For some odd reason my friend forced me to go with her sister (it was part of the plan which later made sense). As we made it to dinner, her sister kept stalling and making us go the longest way to the restaurant (later I found out because my friend was in front of us with massive balloons so she had to stall and I can’t believe I didn’t notice)

We walk in to a very elegant Italian restaurant, lights were very dim so could barely see anyone or anything. As the waitress is about to take us to our seats, all of a sudden I hear “SURPRIIIIIIIIIIISE”. I got SO confused, and reacted very slowly (LOL). The table was filled my dear friends, and my sisters! I looked at my sisters and said “this is why you didn’t say anything to me! I was so pissed at you guys!”. Then of course, I got emotional and shed some tears because it was the BEST birthday surprise ever. It was all planned by my sisters and friend who was getting married, even though she was so stressed she took the time to plan this together.

It was such an amazing evening, a moment that will never ever leave my heart. Now this year, AGAIN as I planned to have a gathering it did not work out…eh. So what happens? I get a birthday call from my sister (same friend) saying “be ready at 12pm tomorrow I am going to pick you up!”. Of course I said no, but again I had no choice. So she comes and “kidnaps” me and literally SPOILED the hell out of me (I freaking love you). We had an amazing lunch by the waterfront, in which we both tried fresh, organic sea food. It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

The weather was beautiful so we spent half of the day walking around and chit chatting about the most weirdest things (as always). There was a “Mr.GoodHumor” who went all out with his look and gave us free ice-cream ❤ Later on in the evening she then took me to a sophisticated place for dessert, her sister and another friend we both know joined (she informed them) she knows how much I love crepes and they had the best.

Her being the sneaky girl she is, told the staff it was my birthday so they came out singing with a delicious strawberry cheesecake. So we ate, talked, laughed, throughout the night. I kept telling her how thankful I am to have her in my life and vice versa. And thanks to her I have a birthday post to share with you all! I kept wondering what I would post for my birthday, and boom! I always pray this bond stays close, forever Inshallah (God Willing). Thank you for such a memorable day mi amore.

I never share personal things, but this post had to be shared. Having a special bond with someone needs to last a lifetime, and I am sure many of us have a few or have lost a few. A relationship works both ways, not one. Always be humble, you never know how a small act of kindness can give so much happiness to someone. Now I have a second birthday surprise to remember. I was having too much fun, that I barely focused on my ootd images! I just wanted to be comfy ❤

Much, Much Love!

Nelo .A.

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The Hijab Vault

Hello Ladies!

How are all of my beauties doing? I hope you all are well and enjoying the week. Thank you all for the well wishes, I am much better now thank God. I think you can tell through my post 😉

Today, I would love to share with you a very elegant Hijab (scarf) uprising boutique known as the “The Hijab Vault”. I personally love hijabs that have “that” beautiful touch to it, and that is what this company offers. They have a variety of lovely hijabs, and ALL of them are elegant. They range from floral prints, to laces, to pearls, to even silks.

The kind owner of this company, messaged me and asked what kind of Hijabs I like. She then had sent me a design (it was more of a surprise) and I must say I am in LOVE. The hijab I have received is the “Camel with Black Trim” from the “Essential Collection”. The size is about “74/34”, and it is a very light-weight cotton.

Very comfortable in the heat we are having (huge plus). There are a variety of colors to choose from (I love them all), but this color goes perfectly with my personality. For those who know me well, I love the draping technique in all my designs/looks. Almost every Hijab I wear I drape. Most cotton scarfs are not easy to drape with, but this scarf draped so well I was amazed.

So ladies, if you are looking for elegant and beautiful Hijabs with amazing comfort and stay quality, Hijab Vault is the answer. I promise you will not regret it

I was going out for a brunch, and had decided to go with a “casual” look. Honestly, the Hijab was my final touch to complete the look. The whole, entire day I received SO many compliments on my hijab and how I had stylized my ootd.

Do not forget to follow me on Instagram ( Well what do you ladies think?

Nelo .A. ❤

Outfit Details:

// Light-Weight Denim JumpSuit- H&M // Scarf- The Hijab Vault // Purse- Louis Vuitton // Watch-MK // Ring- I Am // Lipcolor- MAC MATTE Ruby Woo // 

// The Hijab Vault: //






I believe many of you have realized and guessed that I am trying to become a designer, someway somehow in this big world. It’s all listed down in the “Me, Myself and Fashion” page if you have not read it yet. I just thought it would be nice to share a post regarding my designs. I will be posting bits and pieces for you all to see how I stylize my designs and what I like to design.

Sewing skills can get rough, TRUST me but all it takes is practice! While I was in school, we were taught with the “model” size which is about sizes 2-4 and maybe sometimes 6. The sizes of our mannequins were that too, so we had to work with those. Breaking out of that size has been quite a challenge for me, because once you have learned something in a specific way and worked with that for about 3/4 years it can get a little hard to step out of the box. I have messed up multiple of times working outside of that size range, from wasting fabrics, a wrong cut and even a wrong measurement! Ahhh. But, I survived.

I have done side designs, if someone needed a customized design, I would design and sew it. And that is how I was referenced to others. That is when I decided to move a bit forward. I began with accessories to enhance some more of my sewing skills and knowledge. And when I become fond of them, I launched L’NOOR. If you haven’t read the “L’Noor” page on my blog, please do so. I opened my Etsy shop back in November 2014 and launched my first accessories collection “Midnight Velvet Turbans” which are handmade velvet turbans. As the season was coming to an end, I started brainstorming some more ideas. I finally decided to launch my first Spring collection along with my Spring accessories collection.

You have to get started somewhere right? So I did. I have done customized wedding flower crowns, flower crowns, tulle maxi skirts, elegant gowns and now I have launched the “Spring Fling Drop Crotch Pants”. You can take a look at all of those at

Here are some photos for you all, showing a new print in the drop crotch pants (silk polka-dot). If any of you are interested feel free to contact L’NOOR, ships world wide ❤

I hope you ladies enjoy this journey with me, and hopefully I accomplish my dreams inshallah (God Willing).

Again, since I have mentioned in my “Tea Party Pastels” post, light colors are horrible on me. I took the risk of wearing white for you all! What do you ladies think?

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:
// Drop Crotch Pants- L’NOOR (designed/made by me) // Blazer- H&M // Clutch- JC PENNY // Rings- (overseas) // Shoes- (cannot remember) // Scarf-Nordstrom // Necklace- TOPSHOP // You can place orders at:





IMG_5433 IMG_5431

Amazing fashion finds

Hello Ladies!

Just a quick little post for today. I found such amazing deals on the purchases I made and had to share with you all! The high-slit maxi shirts, florals and the vintage look have been trending a lot lately. I added my own little touch of how I would style it. I myself like to shop “smart” its not considered “cheap”. I like to see how I spend and what I spend it on. And if its a great deal I definitely do not let it go.

What do you ladies think? I would love to hear your feed back<3

Nelo .A


Fashion Finds:

Celfie high-slit maxi shirt: I bought this from ROSS for only $9.99! Such a great deal I had to get my hands on it.

Floral tights: I have posted this in my last blog post, but just wanted to tell you ladies these were from Forever 21 original price was about $15. There was a sale, so it came down to $6 and it was a “buy one get one free” sale so I got these tights for free! Florals have been everywhere, and trending highly.

Boxed clutch: this is also purchased from Forever 21, orignal price was around $25 and it was marked down for $6!

Vintage Sunglasses: I have had these for a while, and I always get so many compliments wearing them. These are also purchased from Forever 21 (come on its a sale!) and they were marked down to $3. I couldn’t just leave them there…

Flower crown/headband: this piece is made and designed by me, if you want more details visit the “L’Noor” page for more colors and designs.

Double chained rings: I bought this ring from “I am” the chained look has been in trend for awhile now and it was on sale for $2.

Shoes: I bought these shoes while I was traveling overseas, very comfortable and I am sure you can find them here in any cultural related shopping center (might cost you a bit) If you have read the “Me, myself and fashion” page you would understand why I mix and match.

Perfume: Prada. This was actually gifted to me and its scent is so light and soft for the summer time.

Watch: MK. I waited for this look and right when it came out I purchased it right away! I believe it was around $270-$300. It might be pricy for some, but trust me if you want a long-term beautiful statement watch MK is always a great choice ❤