Eid Look #2

EID Al-Fitr 2016 Look #2

Happy Monday Ladies!

Hoping all of you enjoyed your lovely weekend! I defiantly did…with all of these amazing Iftar gatherings (plus the millions pounds I have added). Let’s hope I fit into my Eid clothes, which by the way I have not made yet…whoops! Thank you all for the love on my first Eid Look, so happy you all loved it ❤

Eid Look #2 is my collaboration with The Hijab Vault ❤ I honestly am OBSESSED with all of their Hijabs Mashallah. I think I have always expressed my love and appreciation for these Hijabs, because they really ARE that praise worthy ❤ The hijab I am wearing here is the “One-Edged Pearl & Chain”.  A very elegant and light weight Hijab, perfect for the Summer. This Hijab comes in beautiful summer shades such as purple, blush, blues, nudes, and pinks. This Hijab line is exclusively for Ramadan and Eid, so ladies be sure to get yours before they are sold out! And trust me…they are going fast.

Again, I am sticking to all neutral tones, so this Hijab was perfect for this look.  I did a simple, side drape for the one edge of the pearls to show. I am wearing a floral cape top (sadly, the wind was not cooperating with me, but the sleeves are of cape design). I paired it with black tights, and a nice pair of black Kitten Heels which are a life saver when you’re a oldie like myself (lol).

For the accessories, I felt the florals were already so much so I just did some bangles, one ring, and ofcourse my favorite Chanel bag ❤ ❤ ❤ And lastly, for my lip color I did a pop of pink! Well, what do you ladies think? I would love to hear feed back! Make sure you follow me on Instagram as well (@fashion.with.nelo) and my FB page (FashionWithNelo) ❤

Last and final Eid look will be up in a few days! Stay tuned mi amours!


Much love,

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details-

Top- OverSeas

Black Tights/Undershirt- Forever 21

Hijab- The Hijab Vault

Bag- Chanel

Lippie- Mac Candy Yum Yum

Bangles- Charlotte Russe

Ring- I am.

Heels- Burlington







Eid Look #1

EID Al-Fitr 2016 Look #1

Happy Weekend!

How are all of my ladies from around the globe doing? How is Ramadan going for all of you? I hope Ramadan is going well and has brought very good changes in the all of you (including me) Inshallah (God Willing). Can you believe we are already in the Last 10 days? Subhanallah (Glory be to God). A week before Ramadan I took out all of my Abayas, ironed them and hung them nicely for Tarawih Prayers. And now, we are at the end of the month.

May Allah accept all of our worship and fasts during the beautiful month and that we live to see the next Inshallah (God Willing) Ameen. It has been a year of my blogging life, and I am so overwhelmed with the love I have received from each and every single one of you. Not only from the States, but from across the world! Thank you all so much. If it wasn’t for the love, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today ❤

Last year I did the “Eid Look Book” and honestly I was kind of hesitant about my looks. Everyones style is different, so thought what the outcome would be. And Alhamdulilah (Thank God) it was very positive. All of my Eid looks were loved by all of you, and this time I am way more confident in sharing more inspirations with you all ❤

I have kept a color scheme for this Look Book. I have worked with all neutral tones. The reason I did so, was because neutrals can go with any skin color, and I have come to realize that. This Summer I pushed myself to wear more nudes/blush tones. And surprisingly, I kind of like it. So for those of you who are worried, don’t be! Trust me, you will look fabulous!

Many of you loved and I mean LOVED the sequins look I did last Eid. So thought why not do something similar but different this year. Again, all neutral tones but added a bit of sparkle to it ❤ I balanced the entire look with a Black Hijab (you can never go wrong with black) and a nice shade lippie. I mixed and matched gold and silver (which I never do) and thats that! What do you ladies think? Feel free to leave comments below! Stay tuned for another look in a few days!

Much Love,

Nelo .A.

Outfit Details:

Top- Forever 21

Tights/Undershirt- Forever 21

Necklace- Forever 21

Lips- MAC All Fired Up

Heels- DSW

Clutch- H&M

Bangles- Overseas

Ring- TopShop

IMG_7700                IMG_7703


IMG_7692           IMG_7693



Coral & Lace

Hello Hello!

I don’t know if I should say “Happy Spring” or not because this weather is totally out of its control! We have had amazing, Spring days and then it goes right back into Winter…weird? I think so. But hey! I am not complaining at all ❤ The first day of Spring here…it was about less than 30 degrees, ahaha see my point?

But this weather won’t stop me from wearing nice Spring outfits, or atleast I have been trying to… 😦 So I had a huge issue of not finding my USB cord for my Canon (that’s what I am uploading this F.F.F late). And my laptop is a “vintage” MacBook… so it does not have that USB insert on the side like all you high-tech peeps :-/

So I had to use my sisters laptop, email ALL these pictures to myself, edit them and oh let’s not forget my crazy work schedule… now I am finally posting a week later…how exciting? Hey, better late than never right? The things I do for you all ❤

This is a very Spring inspire look, Coral and Lace will never go out of style (especially lace) I think this look is a very elegant combination. I hope you ladies find it the same as well ❤

Here is this (last weeks) F.F.F.

Fashion Finds:

Coral Flared Dress- ROSS. Original price $9.99. What can get better than that?

Lace Vest- ROSS. Original price $11.99. I love lace, I cannot express how much I do. So lets leave it at that. I get so many compliments wearing this light-weight vest, its that final “touch” to your outfit!

Lace Point Flats- Charlotte Russe. Orignal price $24.99, on sale for $5. So this AMAZING deal was buy one for 5$ and the other will be for $2.50. I bought this pair and a coral pair as well. VERY comfortable.

Pearl-Ring-Cuff- Nordstrom BP, orignal price $15 on sale for $3.

Pearl Necklace- Forever 21. Orignal price $24.80 on sale for $3. Again, another piece I get many compliments on.

Stud/Pearl Earring- A set from Charlotte Russe for $5.

Clear White and Gold Cross Body- ZARA. Original price $50.00 on sale for $19. This was love at first site ladies…pure love.

IMG_7362 IMG_7367 IMG_7369 IMG_7370 IMG_7371 IMG_7372


Mi Amores! 

Oh, how I have missed all of you! First off, wishing everyone a very happy and blessed new year! Second, I hope everyone is safe and sound from this insane blizzard we just had Inshallah (God Willing), and third I want to apologize for not posting as much 😦 I have been extremely busy with other projects (which I will be sharing with you all soon) so hopefully it will make it all up ❤

OKAY! Who else has gained 390598469486389568036 pounds from being snowed in with junk food for the past 4 days?! Literally! The last time a blizzard like this had occurred was in 2010, goodness. It’s funny because, my family and I didn’t really make a big deal out of it thinking “Oh, it wont’ even snow…” Boy, were we ALL wrong haha. Thankfully we had got our groceries done (which again we thought wouldn’t be a big deal), but on Friday when the blizzard began my mom and I were like “ummm… I think we should get some candles and batteries…”

Of course, when we arrived to the store EVERY.SINGLE.AISLE. was wiped out, gone, zero! We both stood there laughing. There were no batteries, no candles, no shovels, no dairy products everything was gone. I’m laughing while typing this, it was hysterical. Luckily we got some groceries but still. I cannot express how beautiful the snow looked while falling down to the ground, it was so serene. I love, love, love, snow. Many were complaining, but I enjoyed the moment ❤ Yes. I enjoyed that 2 ft. of snow…

I was so prepared, that I had a list of things I wanted to bake and cook (which I did). I have been so busy with work, that staying home and cooking is what I missed the most ❤ And of course my family enjoyed it as well. Before the blizzard got worse, I had my wonderful photo shoot! I have always wanted a “winter wonderland” photo shoot for a blog post, and luckily I got it good (thanks to my brother) Alhamdulilah (Thank you God).

Now the after math of this snow is a pain…streets are horribly slippery. Cars are sinking in under the snow, our entire neighborhood since yesterday have been helping each other out to get cars out and its impossible! So whoever is having car trouble, good luck to you I totally feel your pain because mine is still stuck! I went to shovel it out yesterday and I just ended up rolling around in the snow with my little brother and building a mini “glow in the dark” snow man. Haha.

But on a happy note, please feel free to share your stories with me in the comment box below about your “Snow Storm Jonas” experience, cooking, baking, shoveling whatever it may be! I would love to hear it ❤


I know, I know. Many of you are thinking “Oh my God…she’s wearing WHITE?!” Yes my pretties…I am. I have had this authentic fur vest & hat for SO long that it was worth wearing for this shoot. My obsession with fur is endless. What do you ladies think?

Outfit Details:

// Fur Hat – from the motherland // Fur Vest – from the motherland // Black turtleneck – Papaya // Black tights – Forever 21 //  Black Scarf – Nordstrom Rack // Gloves with Fur – H&M // Mini White and Gold Cross body bag – TopShop UK // Black and Gold ankle zip up Boots – H&M //  Gold bracelet – I Am // Rabbit Fur Key Chains – Ebay // Lip Color – MAC “So Chaud”.



IMG_7309 IMG_7307

IMG_7312 IMG_7318

IMG_7285  IMG_7306




IMG_8191 IMG_8239 IMG_8238



Fall comfort.



Hoping all of you had a wonderful week, and a great weekend to look forward to! This is probably my 9435746047636 time apologizing but…I’M SORRY! I have been caught up in so many things (I cannot WAIT to share with you all). I am seriously, so thankful that you all LOVE the outfits I find and share with you all. I did reply to ALL of your emails/messages regarding this, so ladies… FRIDAY FASHION FINDS are back on track, woohoo!

 The weather here in the U.S. has been very bipolar lately, it either gets VERY cold or VERY warm. Weird, right? This is a VERY comfortable “Fall” look. It’s not too warm, yet it still will keep you from the chilly weather. This outfit can be worn anywhere, any day! If you want to switch the shoes to boots, go right ahead ❤

I know I have mentioned before, I do not look good in white, but this is a soft tone of white with a mixture of grey. I couldn’t help myself (said no girl ever) but  I also bought one in black! The prices are INSANE, see it for yourself!

Fashion Finds:

Shrug: Nordstrom Rack. Original price $48, on sale for $15. Yup, 15$! Its very soft, comfortable and so chic.

Printed Jersey Tights: Sears. Original Price $14.95 on sale for $4.99. Oh I know you’re surprised, I was too trust me. Extremely comfortable with a lot of stretch.

Black Purse: Target. Original Price 34.99, on sale for $12.99. I cannot express how many compliments I get with wearing this. For those of you who have not visited Target, please do. The accessories are very cute, and you can always find amazing deals.

Flats/Shoes: Urban Outfitters. Original price $50, on sale for $9. “Whaaaaaaaat?!” you say? Exactly my expression at the register. So, these shoes were reduced to $20, which was fine because they are BEYOND comfortable, it’s like you’re walking on clouds, I am not kidding. So I found my size, stood in line and it ringed up as $9. I was so, so happy, who wouldn’t be?!

Sunglasses: I did not purchase them from here, they were gifted to me from the UK ❤

Watch: You already know…MK

Earrings: Forever 21. These are mentioned a few times in my last posts, I just accessorized them with this look.

Well, what did you ladies think?! I am sure many of you loved the prices on these looks ❤ if you did please feel free to share! Or any wonderful shopping experience you had that your sale item was reduced even more! Stay tuned for next weeks F.F.F. ❤ ❤ ❤

Love & Peace,

Nelo .A.

IMG_6443 IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6450 IMG_6452 IMG_6455

The beauty of Fall

Hello ❤

Before I begin, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you who show so much love and support for my blog posts. It honestly does take ALOT of time and effort, and knowing there are people across the GLOBE loving what you do, is just overwhelming, thank you ❤

With that said, how are all of my fashionistas doing? I do not know about all of you, but I am loving how “more” cool that “fall” crisp air has become! I can literally smell firewood from some chimneys in my neighborhood (that smell is so delicious).

Fall is that time of year when the air and scenery around you just, changes. I love to just sit there and stare at the trees transforming, leaves falling, clear fall nights, and gorgeous fall sunsets. Everything is extra beautiful during Fall, too beautiful. Don’t you agree?

I cannot express to all of you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL. LIKE LOVE! This post was suppose to be my first “Official Fall Post”, but I got caught up with so much, that I did not have the time until now to post this 😦 Better late than never right?!

 My family and I took a trip to a farm nearby to just enjoy the outdoors and get into that Fall “vibe”. There’s a lovely pumpkin patch ( I find the white pumpkins adorable), hayrides, caramel apples, kettle corn, corn mazes, and so much more! I cannot sit here and explain how beautiful everything looked, so it’s better for you to see for yourselves!

Outfit Details:

// Vest: ZARA // Dress: ROSS // Scarf: C.R // Fringe Purse: Nordstrom // Boots: C.R // Tights: Forever 21 //

IMG_5854 IMG_5864 IMG_5868 IMG_5872 IMG_5883 IMG_5886 IMG_5877 IMG_5889 IMG_5894 IMG_5901 IMG_5891 IMG_5893 IMG_5910 IMG_5917 IMG_5905 IMG_5908 IMG_5918 IMG_5922 IMG_5929 IMG_5920 IMG_5930 IMG_5955



How are all of my lovely ladies doing? I missed all of you loads!  I know, I know I have been missing for a awhile and I apologize from the bottom of my heart! I have been crazy busy with other things (yes us bloggers have a life too) so keeping a balance can get a bit difficult but it’s all good! I’m back now 😉

How was the month of October for everyone? I had a very busy one (pretty obvious). Well now that November is here (time is going by WAY too fast) I thought why not welcome this month with a fun DIY! I had posted this on my Instagram (@fashion.with.nelo) a while back, and many of you were interested.

So for those who are in love with fashion, this is a very fun DIY for you. And for those who are not into fashion but love interior design and always changing up their rooms, this is a DIY for you also<3

In my room, I have set up a “mini” L’Noor studio. For a while now, I have been searching for some good designer books to read and to decorate my work area a bit. I have found a few, and boy aren’t they expensive?! I don’t mind spending, but ehhh for a book I probably might read ONCE, and never touch again $60-$100…I don’t think so.

So I thought, “hey! Do it yourself girl”. And I did. This was the most easiest, and fastest DIY’s I have ever done, and you will love it as well. I spent under 5$/10$, YES you read it right. My “books” are a bit big, I just love exaggerated things but you can choose a thinner shape it’s totally up to you!

So lets get started shall we?


2/3 card boxes (Michaels 3-4$, used coupon 50% off)

White gift wrap (Dollar Tree)

Tape (Dollar Tree)


Alphabetical stickers ($2.99 Michaels, used coupon 50% off)

A brain (just kidding)


Step 1: Gather all of your materials

Step 2: place one box over the white gift wrap and cut to the size of the box.

Step3: Tuck in the folds for a good clean finish, and tape down as you go along.

Step 4: When you come to the corner of the box(at the top) cut diagonally to the corner of the gift wrap, half way.

Step 5/6/7: That cut will allow you to fold the remaining gift wrap easily, remember to tape down!

Step 8/9/10/11/12 : Follow the images carefully, I have shown you how to fold and tuck in the gift wrap for a nice a clean look (it will look like a white book once completed).

Step 13/14: You are now ready to place the Alphabetical stickers on the side of your “book”. Choose whatever you please, examples maybe : YSL, CHANEL, VOGUE, PRADA.

Step 15: You are done! See how quick and easy that was?! You can place your designer books anywhere in your room! I just place them on my desk, with a fall scented candle. 


The other option you may do is, get a book you already have at home and do the same exact technique I just listed.

What did you ladies think of this DIY? I would love to hear your feed back. If there are any other DIYs you ladies would like for me to share or do, please comment below! Have a wonderful week mi amores ❤

Much love,

Nelo .A.


EID Al-Adha Look

EID-Al-Adha Look

Mi Amores! I hope you all are doing well and enjoyed a wonderful Eid Inshallah (God Willing). This is going to be a post on what I wore for Eid and how I styled this look. As mentioned in previous posts, I always design my own outfits. I started on a design for Eid, but I could not finish it due to some work (it’s ok, I can save it for an event).

This Eid I decided to do something…different. I have a “unique” sense of fashion which I am known for (main reason for my passion for fashion). I planned my outfit the day of Eid, literally. I mentioned in my last post that’s what you can do if you get caught up with school or work don’t panic just walk into your closet (or your sisters or your brothers) and get an outfit together!

So, I went into my brothers closet (yup, that’s right) and he had received a gift from one of his friends which he had NEVER EVER touched. Of course my brother did not know I was going through his closet, but eventually saw (muahaha). The coat I wore is called a “Chapan” also known as a “Coat”. Beautifully handmade, of rich fabric and colors. It is of Afghan culture, so I accessorized the coat with the authentic Afghan jewelry I own. This was something new I tried, but hey that’s the whole point in fashion 😉

Let me tell you ladies one thing, always be proud of who you are. Wear, think, do what makes you happy people are going to say useless things anyway! Do not ever hesitate to express yourself through different styles, take it from me 😉 So just enjoy your life, and fashion on ❤

What do you ladies think of this look? Would you wear something similar? Yes? No?  I would love to hear your feedback.

Much love always,

Nelo .A. ❤

Outfit Details:


// Chapan // Scarf-Nordstrom // Afghan Jewelry-Afghanistan // Clutch-H&M // Ankle length maxi dress-H&M // Lipstick-ARIA NYX // Shoes-Charlotte Russe // 

IMG_6857  IMG_6869  IMG_6867




EID Look #3

EID Al-Adha 2015 Look #3

Still haven’t found the perfect Eid look? Or last minute Eid Shopping? Don’t worry!

Eid is for 3 days, and with school and work it can get hectic. But putting together a last minute Eid outfit, without leaving home you can literally just run into your closet right now and put a look together in a heart beat!

So why don’t you get yourself up, walk on over to your closet and start playing with whatever you have. Mix and match looks, play with colors, just use your sense of fashion. In no time, you will have mastered a quick last minute Eid look without any worries. Then wear it to wherever you have to go tonight 😉

This is exactly what I did for this look, just to show you ladies that you don’t ALWAYS have to go shopping or panic for an  Eid outfit (especially for those who go to work/school). I played around with the shawl (again) just so you can style it how you please, OR just wear the dress itself!

This is the full and final look ladies! I hope you all enjoyed Eid-Al-Adha’s Look Book which was (obviously) Fall inspired. Inshallah until next year!

Wishing all of you a blessed Eid, May Allah make us have many more Inshallah (God Willing) Ameen ❤ ❤ ❤

Full-Sleeved Ankle Length dress: H&M

Shawl: Charlotte Russe

Scarf: Unique Hijabs

Boots: Charlotte Russe

Purse: Nordstrom

Watch: MK

Bracelet: I Am.

Rings: Charlotte Russe










EID Look #2

EID Al-Adha 2015 Look #2

I am so happy to see all of you loved the first Eid Look! I have received many messages/emails on the looks I post and its overwhelming, thank you all so much, I mean it from my heart ❤

Without wasting any time (many of you are eager for the next look & not my blabbering) here is Eid Look #2! As mentioned in my last post, the weather is still nice and not too cold, after the rain it has become a bit more chilly which means…layering! One of my ultimate “must haves” for Fall/Winter clothing is 1)Fur & 2) Velvet<3

This look is more of an elegant approach, for those who like to keep it classy on Eid. This long maxi velvet dress has a high-neck (which is perfect for those of you who are Turbanistas). I did a turban look, but I have to cover my neck (just my own zone of comfort). The back of this dress has a medium slit, in which you can either sew it up OR wear leggings to keep it halal 😉 The other option you have is long-legged boots! FYI I bought this dress in black too, I couldn’t help myself…

I then added a light-weight shawl which has a mixture of neutral tones to balance the look. Before you all ask I thought might as well do it before you ladies do! I did 3 different styles with the shawl, OR you can just wear the dress itself!

To complete the “elegant” and “classy” look I accessorized it very lightly because the look was already vibrant enough. And that ends Eid Look #2!

Velvet Dress: Urban Outfitters

Shawl: Charlotte Russe

Lipstick: NYX- SIREN

Heels: Nordstrom

Ring: TopShop

Watch: MK

Purse: Chanel

Scarf: Nordstrom

IMG_6760 IMG_6769 IMG_6768IMG_6766 IMG_6781

IMG_6782 IMG_6761